Technology CyberTrends

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Additions to this document since November 6, 1997 are preceded with the icon.

This document contains a list of trends I have identified based upon quotes from managers, professionals, consultants, journalists, futurists, and educators who study the technologies that are driving the digital revolution, digital dawn, information highway, Internet, etc. Click on a topic to jump to the corresponding section of the document.

Microprocessors: Driver of the Digital Dawn

Lasers and Fiber Optics: The Second Driver of the Digital Dawn

Sensors: The Third Driver of the Digital Revolution

Moore's Cannibal Principle

Wilkie's Dictum

Plummeting Price of Bandwidth

Death of Distance

Rise of All-optical Network

Plummeting Price of Storage

Demise of Desktop Computer Industry

Demise of the Telephone Switch

Demise of the Circuit Switched Network

Rise of Network-Centric Computing

Rise of Networks as Supermarkets

Rise of the Internet

Rise of the Broadband Internet

Rise of Wireless Internet

Rise of the Web Dial Tone

Rise of Internet Telephone

Rise of Digital Agents

Rise of the Teleputer

Rise of Network Computer

Rise of Browsable, Searchable TV

Rise of Digital Video Disk

The Rise of Cheap Wireless Communications

Rise of Speech Recognition

Rise of Talking Computers

Rise of Extranets

Rise of the Visual Computing Platform

Rise of Personal Area Networks

Rise of Quantum Computers

Rise of the Conversational Computer

Rise of IP Everywhere

Rise of Wireless Networks

Rise of Power Line Telephony

Rise of Virtual Supercomputer Networks

Demise of the Internet Backbone Problem

Rise of Data Broadcasting

Rise of Telematics

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