The Web Impacts Business: Questions for Consideration

John McCann
Last update: June 28, 1995

This is a list of questions about the Internet and how it is impacting individuals and business. Each question is accompanied by one or more Web pages that are in some way germane to the issues raised by the question. I will be inserting new questions as I think of them and find interesting Web sites. Please send suggested insertions via email.

What will the proliferation of online consumer advisors do to or for your company?
Why do people put themselves on the Web?
Why do people spent hours and hours putting up Home Pages for their interests and hobbies? Why do people develop Web-based programs that run interactively on the Web?
Can you use the Web to teach your customers how to do their business?
Can you use the Web to teach consumers how to buy and use your products?
Can you get people to buy your merchandise by providing information that is related to, but not about, the merchandise, and/or by providing merchandising-oriented entertainment? Can you form a virtual company or sell stock via a Web page?
How will your channels of distribution be impacted?
What happens to your speed to market?
Can you gain a sustainable competitive advantage by providing information to your customers, be they actual or potential customers?
What can your firm gain by providing easy to use email correspondence with your technical specialists? Why do people write stories or books and put them on the Web?
What will your firm be impacted when it can conduct online transactions on the Internet?
How do you make a page interesting so that people will keep coming back to it?
How can teleworking impact my business?
Can you use the Web to get a job?
Can a firm broadcast on the Internet?
Could we hold a marketing meeting on the Web? Perhaps a meeting with one of our customers??
Why would a magazine go on the Internet without a way to charge for viewing?
Why do people attach cameras and other gadgets to the Web?
What is the speed of the Internet backbone?
Questions that worry Andy Grove (Source: Brent Schlender, "Why Andy Grove Can't Stop," Fortune, July 10, 1995, p. 90)