UI/UX Docs for Consent-informed Attribute Release (CAR)

This is a work in progress!

Service Overview

Concepts and Vocabulary

Architect/engineer vocabulary is sometimes necessary to convey nuances that are not always important for the user to think about. Here's a map of generic terminology:

We Say:

To Engineers/Architects: To Users: To Mean:
Attribute Information Data about a user held in “label” and “value” pairs. For example, email = jane@gmail.com. Here “email” is the label and “jane@gmail.com” is the value. All attributes have at least the label.
Relying Party, RP, Service Provider, SP Site The requester of user attributes/information
Resource Holder, RH - A holder of user attributes/information that is using CAR for policy decisions about attribute release about specific users to specific requesters.
Locale - A regional or other context for how content should be presented to the user - language, currency, date formatting, etc.
Informed Content - Information about a site requesting user attributes, including its privacy policy, and why it wants the requested attributes.
ARPSI - Attribute Release Policy Service for Institution: the back end component of CAR that deals with rules about attribute release.
COPSU - Consent Policy Service for Users: the back end component of CAR that deals with user choices about attribute release.
CARMA - CAR MAnager: The component of CAR that communicates between the user interfaces and COPSU/ARPSI

We Avoid Saying:

Word/Term: Because:
Notice This is a legal term with sensitive implications.
Share (information) User testing has found this term to frequently evoke concerns that data will be published (similar to the concept of sharing on Facebook). Our best working term at the moment is "release".

Style and Branding

CAR components are co-branded between the host institution and TIER. Controlled customization (colors, logos) is available.

Working style guide (blues are Duke-specific)

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