Recent Headlines:

April 2021:
Organized NSF-supported workshop on future of CPS!

April 2021:
New NIH Grant!

February 2021:
Two papers accepted at ICRA'21!

February 2021:
Paper accepted at the ARVO TVST Journal!

December 2020:
Paper accepted at ICCPS'21!

December 2020:
Paper accepted at DATE'21!

September 2020:
Paper accepted at Automatica!

September 2020:
Talk at Galois!

August 2020:
New collaboration with NATO's CMRE!

August 2020:
Talk at an SRC ICT Security Workshop!

August 2020:
New NIH Funding!

August 2020:
Two new PhD students joined the CPSL@Duke lab!

July 2020:
Talk at AVSS'20!

June 2020:
Received Dickinson Family Professorship from Duke!

June 2020:
Papers accepted at CSF'21, ESWeek'20 (CASES'20) & ATVA'20!

June 2020:
Keynote at SafeThing'20!

April 2020:
Paper accepted at the IEEE Trans. on Ind. Informatics!

March 2020:
Paper accepted at the ARVO TVST Journal!

January 2020:
3 papers accepted at ICRA'20!

January 2020:
Paper accepted at ACM Trans. on CPS!

January 2020:
New ONR Grant!

January 2020:
Paper accepted at ACC'20

December 2019:
Papers accepted at ICCPS'20 & HSCC'20!

November 2020:
TPC Chair of the 2020 NSF CPS PI Meeting!

October 2020:
Best Paper Finalist at EMSOFT'20!

September 2020:
Vuk Lesi is the first CPSL@Duke PhD graduate!

July 2019:
Paper accepted at EMSOFT'19!

July 2019:
Two papers accepted at CDC'19!

June 2019:
Paper accepted at ETFA'19

May 2019:
Received IEEE TCCPS Early-Career Award!

April 2019:
Received ACM SIGBED Early Career Award!

April 2019:
Paper accepted at CAV'19!

April 2019:
New AFOSR Center of Excellence!

April 2019:
Paper accepted at IEEE TCST!

April 2019:
New NSF Grant!

March 2019:
Elevated to IEEE Senior Member!

February 2019:

January 2019:
Paper accepted at IEEE TAC!

January 2019:
Paper accepted at ICRA'19!

January 2019:
Paper accepted at IoTDI'19!

January 2019:
Paper Accepted at TACAS'19!

January 2019:
Elected IEEE TCCPS Member-at-Large!

December 2018:
Paper accepted at IEEE THMS!

August 2018:

July 2018:
New NSF CPS Medium Grant!

July 2018:
IBM Faculty Award!

July 2018:
Paper accepted at CDC!

June 2018:
Grant from the Lord Foundation of North Carolina!

May 2018:
ICCPS'19 TPC Chair

February 2018:
Nortel Networks Professorship!

January 2018:
Paper accepted at IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control!

December 2017:
Paper accepted at ICCPS'18!

October 2017:
Best Paper Award at EMSOFT'17!

September 2017:
Quoted in Wall Street Journal

July 2017:
Paper accepted in RTSS'17!

July 2017:
Paper accepted at IEEE CDC'17

June 2016:
Pannelist at the FTC/NHTSA panel on Security of Connected Cars!

June 2016:
Two papers accepted at the ESWeek'17 (EMSOFT and CASES)!

June 2017:
Paper accepted at the IEEE Trans. on Computer Aided Design!

May 2017:
Invited to the the NAE's FOE Symposium!

May 2017:
Paper on stochastic games for secure control accepted at Automatica!

April 2017:
RESCHU-SA presented at CPSWeek'17

March 2017:

February 2017:
ONR YIP Award!

February 2017:
Paper on resilient sensor fusion in the presence of faults accepted in ACM Trans. on CPS!

January 2017:
New ONR project on Attack-Resilient Industrial Control & Combat Systems!

December 2016:
Paper accepted in TACAS'17!

August 2016:
Paper on secure state estimation accepted at the IEEE Trans. on Control of Network Systems!

July 2016:
Paper on design of attack-resilient CPS accepted at the IEEE Control Systems Magazine!

June 2016:
Paper accepted at ICCAD'16!

June 2016:
Special Session on Modeling, Sensing and Actuation for IoT accepted at CODES+ISSS'16, part of ESWeek!

May 2016:
Paper accepted at CASES'16, part of ESWeek!

May 2016:
Paper on Plug-n-Play CNC accepted at ETFA'16!

May 2016:
Paper on low-overhead coding for attack-detection accepted at the IEEE Trans. on Control of Network Systems!

March 2016:
Special Issue on Medical CPS in the ACM Trans. on CPS!

December 2015:
Papers accepted at ICCPS'16 and TACAS'16!

November 2015:
Papers accepted for ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems!

October 2015:
Organized special session on CPS Security at ESWEEK!

August 2015:
Program committee member at ICCPS'16!

July 2015:
CPS Security and Privacy project supported by NSF and Intel!

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I am looking for PhD students and postdocs with interests and expertise in embedded systems, formal methods, AI, learning and controls, robotics, and cyber-physical systems!

I am the Dickinson Family Associate Professor in the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and the director of the Cyber-Physical Systems Lab (CPSL) at Duke University. My research interests focus on design and analysis of cyber-physical systems with varying levels of autonomy and human interaction, at the intersection of (more traditional) areas of embedded systems, AI, learning and controls, formal methods and robotics.

I received my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. I also received Dipl. Ing. (5 years) and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Belgrade, and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from UPenn.

I am an associate editor in the ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare (ACM HEALTH) and a co-chair of the 2019 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS'19).

I have received various awards including


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