I am a postdoctoral associate in Duke University’s Entrepreneurial Postdoctoral Program studying image-guided medical robots with an emphasis on clinical translation. My interests include medical robotics, biomedical imaging, data visualization, medical device development, and real-time algorithms.

My background includes both engineering and medicine. After graduating from Duke University’s Medical Scientist Training Program, I completed an internship in general surgery at Duke University Medical Center. During graduate school, I studied biomedical engineering under Prof. Joseph Izatt and developed image-guided robotic technologies for surgical navigation with live 3D imaging, corneal transplantation, and autonomous eye imaging. Prior to that, I earned an MS in electrical engineering, a BS in electrical and computer engineering, and a BS in physics from North Carolina State University.

When not designing robots, I enjoy baking desserts, walking the dogs, dancing with my wife, and working around the house.

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