Data Conversions

Function Conversion Description
IntToStr(value) Converts an Integer to a String EditBox1->Text = "count " + IntToStr(count);
StrToInt(string) Converts a String to an Integer count = StrToInt(EditBox1->Text);
IntToHex(value, digits) Converts an Integer to a Hexadecimal String in the form 00BBGGRR EditBoxRed->Text = IntToHex(color, 8);
FloatToStr(value) Converts a Float to a String EditBox1->Text = "gpa " + FloatToStr(gpa);
StrToFloat(string) Converts a String to a Float perCent = StrToFloat(EditBoxPerCent->Text);
DateToStr(Date()) Converts a Date to a String Label1->Caption = DateToStr(Date());
TimeToStr(Time()) Converts a Time to a String Label1->Caption = TimeToStr(Time());
static_cast<int>(anyFloat); Converts a Float to an Integer To convert a float into an integer to index an array
static_cast<float>(anyInteger); Converts an Integer to a Float To preserve a division: integer 3/2 does not equal float 3/2