Useful Math Routines

Header File Example Prototype Explanation
#include "stdlib.h" max(a, b); (type) max(a, b); Returns whichever value is greater.
#include "stdlib.h" min(a, b); (type) min(a, b); Returns whichever value is less.
#include "stdlib.h" random(x); int random(int num); Returns a random number between 0 and x.
#include "stdlib.h"
#include "time.h"
randomize(); void randomize(void); Randomizes the starting point for random numbers.
#include "math.h" M_PI constant The constant value for PI.
#include "math.h" sin(x); double sin(double x); Returns the sine of the angle (in radians)
#include "math.h" cos(x); double cos(double x); Returns the cosine of the angle (in radians)
#include "math.h" tan(x); double tan(double x); Returns the tangent of the angle (in radians)
#include "math.h" atan(x); double atan(double x); Returns the arc tangent of the value.
#include "math.h" asin(x); double asin(double x); Returns the arc sine of the value.
#include "math.h" acos(x); double acos(double x); Returns the arc cosine of the value.
#include "math.h" sqrt(x); double sqrt(double x); Returns the positive square root of x.
#include "math.h" pow(x, y); double pow(double x, double y); Returns x raised to the y power.
#include "math.h" abs(x); int abs(int x); Returns the absolute value of an integer.