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The Monty Hall Problem

Monty Hall (version 4 5-October-2013)
Sound and enhanced graphics have been added to this version, which was included as one of several challenges to be met in one of several modules of the "Speculat1on" game. Several challenges preceeded it; several others followed. Those have all been stripped away. In the larger game, the player had to complete a series of 30 or more games with a score of 60% or higher. In this version, the series has been reduced to 10.

A game of intellect, intuition, randomness, strategy and reason. Behind one door is a pile of gold bullion. Behind the others are goats. Pick a door and stand alongside it. The invisible game-wizard will now open one of the other two doors to show you what's behind it, but since the gold is his, he will never open the door to the gold. Now it's your turn to pick again: You can either stay at the door you first chose and open it. Or you can switch doors and open the other one. The choice is yours. What are your chances?