Sluis Digital Elevation Model as a Windows Application...

The Sluis DEM professionally colored and shaded. Click image for a larger view.

What the sluis-data file looks like (ASCII text).
Click image for a larger view.

Data and imagery courtesy of TopoSys.

The format of the sluis-data.txt file:

There are 492 lines of data.
Each line contains 562 elements.


What the 2002 Sluis DEM looks like viewed in the application on our Simulations page. We will build our own application from scratch!


Build this application in class on Thursday.


See what you can do to expand its functionality. Look at the code for the application on our Simulations page for ideas. Enhance the application with valid code or pseudocode.

Turn in a screen shot and source code on paper and six project files on floppy.
Include a screen shot of this application, plus screen shots of the other applications that you built on Tuesday, on your Web site.