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Collections in Cryptology - Rotors
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U.S. Sigaba

SIGABA - one large and one small rotor - without wiring.

SIGABA image courtesy of the National Cryptologic Museum.
Russian Fialka M-125

Fialka, four RED rotors. Note that the alphabet is printed on the CIRCUMFERENCE of the disk.

Fialka with RED rotors - National Cryptologic Museum.


Fialka, BLACK rotors, front, back and exploded. Note that the alphabet is printed on the SIDE of the disk.
The contacts on the black back side are spring-loaded wire loops.


Fialka, single inner disk of a BLAC rotor,containing the wiring, front, back and backlit view showing the wiring.
This inner disk can be inserted in 60 different ways: 30 rotational positions flipped two ways.
Russian M-155 Rotor Set
When opened, the rotor may be rewired by rerouting the spring-loaded pins to different sockets.

Unknown Rotor
Lathe turned fabric-based phenolic with brass escutcheon pins.

If you can identify this, please let me know.