An homage to the myriad of computers that aren't PCs or MACs.
Computation in media other than silicon...

In the Beginning:
As Computers Ceased to be People and became Machines

Almost everything
has been called
a "computer."

Boilerplate from:

"Computing Cheese Cutter Co.
Patented May 23, Sep 26, 1902,
Anderson Ind. U.S.A."

Hybrid Space Navigational Devices

Soviet Soyuz Mission Clock

Soviet Soyuz Mission Globe

Soviet Soyuz Instrument Panel with Clock aand Globe in Instrument Panel.

Soviet Mir Navigational Window

American Celestial NavigationalGlobe (Smithsonian)

Navigational Celestial Globe
Load Balancers as used in Ships and Aircraft

LOADICATOR - Cargo Balancer

Originally a mechanical plan-view cutout of the ship's hull mounted fore-and-aft and port-and-starboard on two pairs of fulcrums like two perpendicular laboratory balances. Weights representing cargo or water taken-on-board are repositioned on the hull to balance the load. One was on exhibit in the Maritime Museum, Amsterdam and is presently in storage there.

Loadicators were also used in the Damage Control Centers on US Naval Ships, at times as full scale 3D table-top plexiglass models whose compartments could be flooded with water to simulate emergencies. Contemporary Loadicators are software programs that automate the process.

They are also known as tipping scales and slip tables.

Photographs, publications,
the device itself.

Librascope balancing indicator for aircraft.


CyberMarine CyberMaster software system...

IDAX Damage Control Quarters (DCQ) software system...

Mechanical Computing Mechanisms

An Integrator
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A Cam 2d Array Read Only Memory
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