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Chelyabinsk & Chebarkul Meteor & Meteorite of 14 February 2013
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An annotated list of "unedited" videos close to the "source" pointed out by Robin Whittle: http://www.webmasterworld.com/foo/4546400.htm

Superb Meteoric Photography by Marat Akhmetateyev

Marateaman Journal

The meteor smoke and cloud trail from MiscLifeX's Video.
Click to enlarge it.

The meteoroid weighed 10,000 tons and was 55 feet in diameter, a ball of rock big enough
to have been the egg from which this 50-foot rubber duck hatched!

Compilations of Note:
A nice compilation including the meteor, shadows, shock wave and aftermath. (16 minutes.) However, I'd rather forego the breaks in continuity and "etherial" music in favor of the original soundtracks with witness' comments and reactions.
News and Analytical Footage:
UK Daily Mail an understatement: "The most breathtaking pictures yet of Russian meteorite."
BBC searching in the snow: "Russian meteorite hunters search for bit of space history"
Interview with meteorite-hunter Michael Farmer on PRI's, The World.
From bored to negative spin from by the New York Times: "Russians Wade Into the Snow to Seek Treasure From the Sky"
"Astro Bob's" close-up photographs of the meteorites (one seems to be of the one in the photos above): "Scientists study 53 tiny meteorites from Russian fireball"
"Russia’s Meteorite Explosion Was “Heard” Half-Way Around the World"
"Russian Meteor Blast's 'Infrasound' Detected Over Vast Distances"
CBS News, February 17, 2013: Meteorites: Hunting missiles from outer space Sunday Morning, CBS News, February 17, 2013 (8min, 14sec)
Extinction of the dinosaurs, Smithsonian Exhibit of Meteorites, Asteroid Belt, Antarctic finds.
Russia 24: Reconstruction, woman and children with meteorite: http://www.vesti.ru/only_video.html?vid=486926 (3min, 19sec)
From Paul Heinrich,
Louisiana Geological Survey, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. Posted (with permission) from the Meteorite List 2/17/2013. A rough translation of the video:
The first part of the video is about schools and hospitals getting their windows repaired and opening tomorrow. It was followed by a segment about first responders being taught to cut glass and repair windows. The next segment is about inhabitants in a village finding what they believe to be meteorites. The general gist is that they believe the stones came from space. They first noticed distinct holes in the snow around their village. When they dug up the holes, they found “pieces of metal” of various shapes and stones which they had not seen before in the area of the village. The kids said that they had found 6 or 7 the size of fingernail and one large stone. The segment states that they have decided to keep the “money in their stones” and wait to sell their stones when they can get the best money for them. The kids say that they will hide their stones from strangers until real buyers come as they heard on the internet that the stones are worth real money. Also, they will not think of showing their stones to scientists. One of the kids said that his grandfather told him not to keep the stones at home and not to touch them with his bare hands. (The grandfather is likely thinking about the Kyshtym explosion that occurred on Sept. 29, 1957. In this explosion, a waste tank at the Mayak nuclear weapons plant, Chelyabinsk region, exploded and contaminated an area of 15,000 to 20,000 square miles with radioactivity. As a result, the older Russians in the region are suspicious of massive explosions of any kind.)

NY Times: Kids looking for stones in slow (why are New York Times reporters so bored?) "A Meteorite Rush, February 19, 2013 by Ben Solomon"
NY Times: Residents of Chebarkul react (why are New York Times reporters so bored?) "A Small-Town Meteor, February 17, 2013By Ben Solomon"
NY Times: A correspondent's report (why are New York Times reporters so bored?) "Fire in the Russian Sky, February 15, 2013By Mac William Bishop, Ben Werschkul, Lisa Desai and Pedro Rafael Rosado"

Russian reconstruction of the meteor's trajectory on RU74: "Ну чё? Соскучились по ужасам JEM'a? ))) А вот они... (метеорит)"
Reconstructing the Chelyabinsk meteor’s path, with Google Earth, YouTube and high-school math.
"The Latest Worldwide Meteor Meteorite News"
I: One hole found in the ice...
Illumination & Shock Wave - Outdoors (relatively unedited footage)
Filming from balcony interrupted by shock wave: "Chelyabinsk Russia Meteor explodes in the sky with AMAZING sound shockwave in Chelyabinsk, Russia" (1min, 57sec)
Casual filming of cloud interrupted by shock wave: "Метеоритный дождь в Челябинске. 15.02.2013" (1min, 14sec)
Casual filming of the cloud interrupted by shock wave explosions causing camera to be dropped: "Explosion in Chelyabinsk - Amazing Footage" (2:55)
Casual filming of cloud from inside interrupted by blast and broken windows: "Russian Meteorite Explosion + Broken Windows Inside [HD] 15 Feb 2013" (1min, 3sec)
Casual filming of cloud interrupted by shock wave and breaking glass followed by sharp reports and pictures of broken windows: "Chelyabinsk meteorite impact 02/15/13" (2:12)
Class interrupted by blast, skip to reactions: "Russian Meteorite School Classroom Windows Blown Out 15 Feb 2013" (1min, 26sec)
Casual filming of cloud interrupted by shock wave, breaking glass and sharp reports: "Explosion Chelyabinsk - Scary Footage!!" (18sec)
Illumination & Shock Wave - Indoors (relatively unedited footage)

Black & white security cam catches woman in office as man tumbles from shock: "Russian Meteorite Indoor Surveillance Camera 6 - 15 Feb 2013" (39sec)

Black & white security cam catches roll-up workshop door being blown in: "Russian Meteorite Doors Blown Off Indoor Surveillance Camera 5 - 15 Feb 2013" (30sec)
Color security cam catches illumination and wall of windows being blown out: "Russian Meteorite Sky Lit Up & Windows Blown Out Surveillance Camera 4 - 15 " (30sec)
Color security cam catches explosion / implosion of store windows: "Russian Meteorite Storefront Blown In Surveillance Camera 9 - 15 Feb 2013" (35sec)
Black & white security cam catches shadows and breaking windows: "Russian Meteorite Chaos and Panic in Gym School 3 - 15 Feb 2013" (1min, 1sec)
Color security cam in auto garage: "#1, Meteorite in Chelyabinsk crashes door in Autoservice (close to crash site of " (25sec)
Color security cam catches man an woman retreating from shock: "Russian Meteorite Indoor Surveillance Camera 7 - 15 Feb 2013" (26sec)
Fireball (relatively unedited footage)
Fireball in Cusco, Peru (for comparitive purposes) exhibiting a double tail: "Suspected meteorite caught on tape in Peru" (1:12)
Multiple B&W sky-cam views of fireball (source unknown): "Метеоритный дождь над Японией, за день до Челябинска" (33sec)
Fireball coming straight at camera: "Коркино. Метеорит" (47sec)
Dash-cam footage of fireball; driver chases it: "Meteorite fell in Russia Chelyabinsk 15.02.13" (1min, 46 sec)
Dash-cam of fireball moving to the right and behnd trees: "Russian Meteorite Car Dash Cam 1 [HD] 15 Feb 2013" (28sec)
Color security cam fireball shadows move over intersection: "Russian Meteorite Sky Lit Up Surveillance Camera 2 [HD] 15 Feb 2013" (20sec)
Fireball moving across sky over city: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIa9oilhOkg" (25sec)
Color security cam of storage lot covered in snow, fireball moves left: "Russian Meteorite Sky Lit Up Surveillance Camera 1 [HD] 15 Feb 2013" (24sec)
Fireball moving to the left from car moving through parking lot: "Meteor in Russia Chelyabinsk on roadcam 15/02/2013" (44sec)
Driving through town, fireball moves to the right: "Meteor on Chelyabinsk Impact - HD 1080P" (2min, 31sec)
Surveillance cam of meteor moving left over parking lot: "Meteor in Chelyabinsk footage captured on surveillance cameras" (58sec)
Security camera tracks fireball overhead to the right in parking lot: "Russia - 20130215 - Chelyabinsk - Meteorite Shower Hits Russia Injuring 500 - 02" (5min, 47sec)
Surveillance video along security fence, meteor reflections or fragments: "Meteor in Chelyabinsk footage captured on surveillance cameras 2" (32sec)
Shifting shadows: "Meteor in Chelyabinsk footage captured on surveillance cameras 4" (1min, 4sec)
Dash-cam driving down street: "метеорит в Екатеринбурге / meteorite in Yekaterinburg 15.02.13 Chelyabinsk" (19sec)
Dash-cam, streaking behind monument: "Amazing Dash Cam Footage Of Meteor in Chelyabinsk - 15th Feb 2013" (24sec)
Dash-cam driving highway in fog and snow: "shock meteorite fall Chelyabinsk 15,02,13 падение метеорита Челябинск 5" (2min)
Dash-cam stopped car looking towards kiosk between apartments: "Meteorite fell in Russia (Chelyabinsk) 15,02,13 / Метеорит упал в России" (5ming)
Dash-cam driving, trees to right, fireball approaching vehicle: "Метеоритный дождь в Челябинске 15.02.2013 / Meteorite over Chelyabinsk" (53sec)
Dash-cam from parked car: "Meteorite over Chelyabinsk. The view from Yekaterinburg. Russian Meteor" (22sec)
Dash-cam, vehicle moving through security gate: "15 февраля на челябинск упал метеорит " (2min)
Security-cam of blue snow-covered fields: "Метеоритный дождь над Челябинском (короткая версия)" (44sec)
Dash-cam, driving under overpass: "Метеорит над Костанаем летит в Челябинск" (16sec)
Dash-cam, meteor passing overhead through cloud, boom, driver in persuit: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1nTY0CVXo4" (4min, 46sec)
Security-cam of security fence and wall: "Новое видео падения метеорита в Челябинске 15.02.13 " (36sec)
Miscellaneous Links
FCS: "Spiegel On Line" (1:01 Dashcam view of fireball and broken windows.)
"RT News: Meteorite Crash"
"RT News: Meteorite hits Russian Urals: Fireball explosion wreaks havoc, over 900 injured (PHOTOS, VIDEO)"
"Meteors Injure Over 150 in Chelyabinsk Region" (Two still images.)
"Meteorit schlägt in Russland ein" (Excellent videos and still imagery)
"Meteorit explodierte wie eine Splittergranate" (Excellent videos and still imagery)

S: "Meteor explodes over Russian Urals, injuring 950 – live updates" (Short video compilation including security cam footage.)