EMERSON M.S. NIOU (Ph.D., U. of Texas at Austin, 1987), Professor of Political Science, specializes in Formal Theory, International Relations, Political Economy, and East Asian Politics.  He is the co-author of The Balance of Power, Cambridge University Press, 1989.  His publications in the field of international relations include: "Less Filling, Tastes Great: The Realist-Neoliberal Debate," coauthored with P. C. Ordeshook, World Politics, January 1994 and "Alliances in Anarchic International Systems," coauthored with P. C. Ordeshook, International Studies Quarterly, June 1994. In the field of East Asian politics, his recent publications include: "An Analysis of Dr. Sun Yet-sen's Self-Assessment Scheme for Land Policy," with G. Tan, Public Choice, December 1993; "Seat Bonuses under the Single Non-Transferable Vote for Large Parties: Evidence from Japan and Taiwan," with G. Cox, Comparative Politics, January 1994; and "Police Patrol vs. Self-Policing: A Comparative Analysis of the Control Systems Used in the Ex-Soviet Union and the Communist China," with John Brehm, Journal of Theoretical Politics, 1996.  His current projects include studies of local self-government in China and alliance politics in anarchic international systems.  Professor Niou is Director of the Program in Asian Security Studies at Duke University.