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Adriano A. Rampini

Douglas and Josie Breeden Professor of Financial Economics
of Finance and Economics
Ph.D., University of Chicago


Working Papers

Financing the adoption of clean technology, with Andrea Lanteri. [Paper]

Collateral and secured debt, with S. Viswanathan. [Paper] [Slides]

Financing insurance, with S. Viswanathan. [Previously titled: Household risk management.] [Paper] [NBER WP 22293] [Video of Presentation] [Slides]

Sequential lifting of COVID-19 interventions with population heterogeneity. [Paper] [NBER WP 27063]

Renting for development, with Robert M. Townsend. [Work in progress]


Constrained-efficient capital reallocation, with Andrea Lanteri, American Economic Review 113 (2023) 354-395. [Paper] [Published Article] [NBER WP 28384] [Video of Presentation] [Slides]

[Retracted] Risk management in financial institutions, with S. Viswanathan and Guillaume Vuillemey, Journal of Finance 75 (2020) 591-637. [Paper] [Published Article] [Internet Appendix] [NBER WP 25698] [Slides] [Lead article] [Brattle Group Distinguished Paper Prize in Corporate Finance, Returned]

Financing durable assets, American Economic Review 109 (2019) 664-701. [Paper] [Published Article] [NBER WP 22324] [Video of Presentation] [Slides]

Financial intermediary capital, with S. Viswanathan, Review of Economic Studies 86 (2019) 413-455. [Paper] [Published Article] [NBER WP 23302] [Slides]

Dynamic risk management, with Amir Sufi and S. Viswanathan, Journal of Financial Economics 111 (2014) 271-296. [Paper] [Published Article] [Video of Presentation] [Slides] [Lead article]

Collateral and capital structure, with S. Viswanathan, Journal of Financial Economics 109 (2013) 466-492. [Paper] [Published Article] [Slides]

Collateral, risk management, and the distribution of debt capacity, with S. Viswanathan, Journal of Finance 65 (2010) 2293-2322. [Paper] [Published Article] [Slides]

Leasing, ability to repossess, and debt capacity, with Andrea L. Eisfeldt, Review of Financial Studies 22 (2009) 1621-1657. [Paper] [Published Article]

Managerial hedging and portfolio monitoring, with Alberto Bisin and Piero Gottardi, Journal of the European Economic Association 6 (2008) 158-209. [Paper] [Published Article]

Managerial incentives, capital reallocation, and the business cycle, with Andrea L. Eisfeldt, Journal of Financial Economics 87 (2008) 177-199. [Paper] [Published Article] [Jensen Prize for Corporate Finance and Organizations 2008 Second Prize]

New or used? Investment with credit constraints, with Andrea L. Eisfeldt, Journal of Monetary Economics 54 (2007) 2656-2681. [Paper] [Appendix] [Published Article]

Markets as beneficial constraints on the government, with Alberto Bisin, Journal of Public Economics 90 (2006) 601-629. [Paper] [Published Article]

Capital reallocation and liquidity, with Andrea L. Eisfeldt, Journal of Monetary Economics 53 (2006) 369-399. [Paper] [Published Article] [Lead article]

Exclusive contracts and the institution of bankruptcy, with Alberto Bisin, Economic Theory 27 (2006) 277-304. [Paper] [Published Article] [Lead article]

Default and aggregate income, Journal of Economic Theory 122 (2005) 225-253. [Paper] [Published Article]

Entrepreneurial activity, risk, and the business cycle, Journal of Monetary Economics 51 (2004) 555-573. [Paper] [Published Article] [Reprinted in: Simon C. Parker, ed. (2011): Entrepreneurship in Recession, The International Library of Entrepreneurship Series 20 (Edward Elgar, Williston, VT).]

Published Discussion

Discussion of "From search to match: When loan contracts are too long," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 43 Supplement (2011) 413-417. [Paper] [Published Discussion]

Lecture Notes

Methods lecture, Macro Finance Society Workshop, 2023. [Collateral and Capital Reallocation]

Practitioner talk, Fuqua LinkedIn Live, 2021. [The Risk Management Paradox]

Graduate lecture, FTG Summer School, 2017. [Lecture Syllabus] [Lecture Notes on Collateral and Intermediation in Equilibrium] [Video of Lecture]

Graduate lecture, FTG Summer School, 2015. [Lecture Syllabus] [Lecture Notes on Dynamic Collateralized Finance] [Video of Lecture]

Undergraduate course, Econ 1760, Harvard University, 2013. [Lecture Notes on Collateral and Rental Markets], [Lecture Notes on Risk Management].

Other Working Papers and Work in Progress

Financing shortfalls and the value of aggregate liquidity, with Andrea L. Eisfeldt. [Paper]

A government failure theory of government, with Alberto Bisin.

A Mirrleesian theory of Ramsey taxation, with Alberto Bisin.

Selected Professional Service

Area Coordinator, Duke finance area, 2022-present.

President, Foundation for Advancement of Research in Financial Economics (FARFE), 2018-present, and Director, 2016-2019.

President, Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS), 2023-present; Vice President, 2022-2023; Vice President Elect, 2021-2022; and Director, 2019-2022.

Co-Organizer, Finance Theory Webinar (FTWebinar), 2020-present (with Briana Chang, Wisconsin; Barney Hartman-Glaser, UCLA; and Peter Kondor, LSE).

Associate Editor, Journal of Finance, 2018-2021.

President, Finance Theory Group (FTG), 2013-2014, and Board Member, 2011-2014.

Director, Western Finance Association (WFA), 2013-2016.

Organizer, NBER Corporate Finance Program Meeting, Spring 2017, Chicago, IL (with Martin Oehmke, LSE).

Organizer, CEPR European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets Corporate Finance Week, 2012 & 2013, Gerzensee, Switzerland.