Applications of Statistical Methods in Psychology
 Fall 2010
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o syllabus (updated 9/1/10)

o lab schedule and objectives

o problem sets

o details about the paper assignment (posted 11/1/10)

o the survey used to generate data to analyze for the paper (includes variable names)
  • Cronbach's alpha (i.e., reliability) for the mindset scale = .90
  • alpha for the morningness-eveningness scale = .67
  • alphas for the two assessments of depletion = .64 and .66 for Time 1 and Time 2, respectively

o links to APA style resources

o potentially useful examples

If you are working, or have worked, on an independent study, VIP, or Graduation-with-Distinction project and have access to data that are either in SPSS or could be put in SPSS format quickly, you are welcome to use those data for your paper. If you think this might apply to you, verify two things before deciding to go this route:

  1. Are there variables in the data set that would allow you to do one of the analyses in the list you were given earlier? There is no advantage to doing more than what is described there, so you need to verify that you can do one of the analyses exactly as outlined in the handout.
  2. Are the data either in SPSS now, or they could be put in SPSS format with little time and effort? You would need to work with your faculty or graduate student collaborators to do this. Ensure that they would be OK with you using the data and are available to help you get the data in the format you need. Dawn and Sean will not be able to help with this effort. Once you have the data in SPSS format, you are basically in the position you are now with reference to the data we generated in the class.

If you have questions about this, please contact your T.A.
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