"Hold On! I'm Taking a Shit"

There were two distinctive ways to define a space: private or public. At what point do you draw the line? The indication of privacy used to be characterized by personal and enclosed spaces, when nobody is watching. The identity of a space shifts with its purpose.There are two ways to look at this: physically and digitally. Is a public bathroom private? By definition, it is a communal space. Dozens of college students share a few toilets and showers every day. Anyone is free to enter and leave. However, when occupied, the space becomes your own. A person could be getting ready alone, but once that mirror selfie is posted, is it no longer a private event? With social media and technology, boundaries are fading as every detail of our lives are being broadcasted. You share your intimate moments with hundreds of viewers. There is something peculiar about the fluidity of a space and the acts that transform it. The goal of this project is to present glorified portraits of acts that are considered private. I chose moments such as showering, getting dressed, or taking drugs. I want the viewers to feel like they are looking at something that is not supposed to be seen. The two main components of my work are the aesthetics and the emotions it induces. Visually, I want my pieces to look aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, emotionally, I want the viewers to feel like voyeurs.