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Series Three

  Series Three episodes
S & J TSC Glock DiM EotD TLE 42 HN FoB Blink Utopia SoD LotTL
action motifs Judoon                        
All the Strange, Strange Creatures / power *     - -      
urban battles                  
vamps alien hunt                        
behind you                      
in the sky                      
cathedral hunt                        
universal roaming                        
Blink (suite) I / lonely assassins                        
emotive motifs Martha's Theme          
space of creation                        
Face of Boe                      
space threat                    
girl blues                        
solar life                        
Mr. Smith and Joan                        
Miss Joan Redfern / impossible journal waltz                        
Only Martha Knows / maid waltz                        
Doctor's Theme / Bad Wolf                      
Dream of a Normal Death                        
Blink (suite) II / Billy Shipton                        
Rose's Theme / home                        
Martha's Quest / indomitable humanity                    
dramatic motifs Doctor Forever    
Drowning Dry                  
Carrionites Swarm / portal                        
Evolution of the Daleks*                      
Doctor's Battle                      
Dalek opera                        
New Adventures                        
Smith's Choice                        
Just Scarecrows to War / scarecrow march                        
This is Gallifrey                    
humor motifs Pharmacy Town                        
Gridlocked Cassinis                        
miscellany moon                        
MRI bomb                        
lute (tune)                        
motorway mystery                        
alien sounds                      
high ambitions                        
pig & showgirl                        
Saxon aide                        
LazLabs escapes                        
urgent assistance                        
Saxon spies                        
village waltz                        
Family of Blood                        
stories across time (Utopia)                      
Master Vainglorious +                    
Master Tape +                      
spoken threats                      

The definitions of "recordings" and "performances" are stretched a bit in this series. If a piece is not composed for the series, and not performed live, I am describing it as a recording--whether the characters hear the results or not. If people are singing or shown playing instruments onscreen, I am accepting the audio results as a performance--even though some of the performances are of the composed music.

Recordings in Series Three episodes:

Live performances in Series Three episodes:

* - "All the Strange, Strange Creatures," the primary action cue for Series 3, plays in the action climax of Gridlock as well as 42 and Family of Blood. The motif's latter part is also the underlying vamp which is overlaid with choral work in the broadcast version of the "Evolution" motif first heard in Daleks in Manhattan. Since the piece is introduced here with another "song on top" so to speak, and because Evolution of the Daleks has so many extensions, variations, and distinctions of both the choral and instrumental aspects, I am listing it as a separate motif. (To take the linkages even further, the "urban battles" and the "power" action motifs share a lot of melodic resonance [but offer rhythmic differentiation]. The two motifs followed each other to great effect in the two-stage Hooverville attack in Evolution of the Daleks.)

+ - The "Master Vainglorious" is not just one motif (from Utopia through Last of the Time Lords). It is a group of cues, all connected with the character. They could be subdivided into the "psychotic Mas-ter fanfare," the "RTD alarm clock" (those 4 beats within a 6/8 rhythm), a swirling ostinato, as well as the 'techno' music played for Martha's capture. (And, for that matter, it could include his final scene.) Beyond that track, a particular "swaggering" cue for the Master in Sound of Drums is represented (a bit beyond the broadcast episode!) by "Master Tape."

Christmas 2006

The Runaway Bride
action motifs Runaway Bride / (motorway) Chase
Santa Attack II
urban battles
vamps in the sky
emotive motifs After the Chase
Doctor's Theme / Bad Wolf
space of creation
Bride out of Time
Doctor Forever
dramatic motifs Doctor's Battle
humor motifs Donna's Theme I / rumba
taxi toons
Donna's Theme II / Clements & proposals
Jingle Bells
miscellany Thames rhapsody

Live performances in the Runaway Bride:

According to Doctor Who Magazine #378 p. 16, the initial music for the episode was supposed to have been the wedding processional, but it was a production goof.

Recordings in the Runaway Bride:

"Love Don't Roam" is a "recording" in that it is heard that way by the characters, but it is of course composed for the episode.

As in the Christmas Invasion, the characters apparently do not hear the (waltz or the) Jingle Bells tune; it is only for the viewers.

There are some notational examples included here so far, but this episode is so rich and complex in its musical motifs that I will be... writing up quite a bit about it, probably with more examples. Stay tuned...

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