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                                                          Sina Farsiu

Vision and Image Processing (VIP) Laboratory


We have made the datasets used in the following paper available online.

R. Estrada, M.J. Allingham, P.S. Mettu, S.W. Cousins, C. Tomasi, and S. Farsiu,

Retinal artery-vein classification via topology estimation" (IN PRESS)IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2015

This dataset consists of 30 wide-field of view (Optos) color images
and their annotated features for artery-vein classification and also all other graph annotations for other datasets used in this paper . We have included a MATLAB based graphical user interface to ease image annotation and visualization.

Please reference this paper if you use any part of this dataset or graphical user interface in your relevant papers.

FULL DATA SET of IMAGES, Annotations, and MATLAB based Graphical User Interface code Zipfile

Please contact Dr. Rolando Estrada if you have questions about the dataset.


“All images included in this website have been fully de-identified. Any dates associated with the imaging files do not relate to the subject or to date of image acquisition. Images are intended for use in research and educational settings.   Commercialization/redistribution of the images is prohibited.    In the unlikely event that you identify any remaining identifiers in the images, you are prohibited from further disclosure and should destroy all copies of the image and immediately notify the PI of the laboratory owner of this webpage at:   All use of the images should include citation and credit to this paper.”




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