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                                                          Sina Farsiu

Vision and Image Processing (VIP) Laboratory


We have made the software and datasets used in the following paper available online.

L. Fang, S. Li, ; R. P. McNabb, Q. Nie, A. N. Kuo, C. A. Toth, J. A. Izatt, and S. Farsiu,,

"Fast Acquisition and Reconstruction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images via Sparse Representation"


IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING, 32(11), pp. 2034 - 2049 Nov. 2013

This software is copyrighted and may only be used for academic research.
Please cite this paper if you use any component of the software or dataset.
Please download the full dataset including the original files and denoised images from the following zipfile. 


Please download the full MATLAB CODE for the  Sparsity Based Simultaneous Denoising and Interpolation (SBSDI) software and dataset from the following  zipfile (~450MB)


Click here for the preprint of the document in .PDF format. 

Please contact PhD Candidate Leyuan Fang, who developed the code under the supervision of Prof. Sina Farsiu, if you have questions about the code and dataset.




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