Survey of Greek Literature |  Greek 580

William A. Johnson


Course Overview


  1. The twin goals of this course are facility and speed in reading Greek. Along the way we will have the opportunity to gain a foundational appreciation of certain thematic territories in the literary history of Greece. The themes will be opportunistically selected to range into regions less explored by the specific students in the class.

Greek: Review

  1. Much of our focus must remain on mastering Greek, and thus students will work almost exclusively on primary texts, supplemented by lecture and discussion led by the instructor. Those who are taking the Survey for the first time will do supplementary composition exercises by way of systematic review of Greek morphology and syntax; those who have already taken the Survey will do additional reading on the side.


  1. At the end of September, and again at the end of October, we will pause for a one-hour examination on the Greek text. We will also include occasional, brief essays and/or oral presentations on the thematic content. The final exam will mimic a reading list qualifying exam, drawing from the materials of the full semester.


  1. None. We will rely heavily on electronic resources, supplemented as necessary by books on reserve or by handouts.