Classical Mythology

(An Evolving Web Tool)

(Classical Humanities 215, Fall 1998 Bucknell University, W. A. Johnson)

Table of Contents

Syllabus & Schedule of assignments

Class notes:

[Myth in Literature || Myth in Art ||

Myth in Religion || Myth as Thought || Theories of Myth]

Study Guide




External links of interest

Syllabus for the course

Schedule of topics and reading assignments

Class notes, arranged thematically in the sequence of presentation

  • Myth in Literature

  • Myth in Art: Iconography and representations of the hero

  • Myth in Religion: Olympians; mystery religions; hero cults

  • Myth as Thought: mythos, logos, and the "rise of Rationalism"

  • Theories of Myth
  • The Nature of Myth: some final remarks

  • Study Guide: Key Names, Concepts, and Episodes

    Exams: Notes and Sample Questions

    Papers: topics and process


    Some useful external links for the study of mythology

    Link to Bertrand Library