Cyclops, by Euripides

Background: Satyrs and the Satyr Play

What is a "satyr"?

What is a "satyr play"?
  The Festival Context A crude kind of BURLESQUE: "tragedy at play" (Demetrius) Typical Plots and Action

The Cyclops as an example of the satyr play

The Cyclops as background to Euripides' Alcestis

Elements of the "satyr play" in the Alcestis

Elements of the "fairy tale" in the Alcestis


Alcestis: Tragedy or tragi-comedy?
Who "wins" the agon b/t Pheres and Admetus at 614ff?
Why does Alcestis never speak again once she returns to the stage? Folding in with that question: what is the tone of the ending? religious mystery? sardonic grin by the playwright? mechanically convenient happy ending?

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