Kuiland-Nazario, Marcus. marcus@carsla.net
A Puerto Rican American Inter disciplinary artist, writer, curator Marcus Kuiland-Nazario is one of the many founding artists of The 18th Street Arts Center, Highways Performance Space and  Clean Needles Now. Marcus is a co founder of the MAX10 performance laboratory at the Electric Lodge  and curator/producer of the 12 year old multi site live art lab - Pop Tarts based @ Highways Performance Space. He is a member of the Performing Arts Committee of the City of Santa Monica's Arts Commission and a former contributor to the LA WEEKLY.


Lazo, Ana. Dear Viejo (2004)
A nostalgic recollection of a grandfather seen through the eyes of a young Latina lesbian growing up in El Salvador.

Lozano, Jorge: Ladronas de Tampones (1996) Colombia/Canada, video, 22 min.
Two women celebrating the menstrual cycle.

Lei Te, Duda. No Problem (2003) USA/Brazil, video, 5 min.
A fast-moving music video showing us a day in the life of Ultra Claudia, a Brazilian “superstar” living in Miami.

Lopez, Alma. Our Lady: The Controversy (2001) USA, website.
Uses the web to produce a historical context for her work. Where is the artwork, in the digital image or in the extended territory of the website and the public controversy?

Lopez, Maurice. The Pretty Boy King of Hollywood (2007) USA, video, 23 min.
The infamous and engaging Pretty Boy King of Hollywood gives us the inside skinny on the Pretty Boy Empire, while taking us on whirlwind tour of the LGBT youth scene in Southern California and crowns this year's Prince of the Pretty Boy Republic.

Lujan, Al: S&M in the hood (1998) USA, video, 5 min.
Latino men in leather go out.


Martínez Zaldívar, Juan Carlos. Palingenesis (1989) Cuba/USA, video, 9 min.
A visual representation of the transmigration of the soul.

Martínez Zaldívar, Juan Carlos. Violenta’s Requiem (1994) Cuba/USA, video, 7 min.
A drag king/queen extravaganza that tells a fist-clenching, feminist tale of the madness and despair of domestic violence.

Martínez Zaldívar, Juan Carlos. 90 Miles (2001) Cuba/USA, video, 75 min.
In 1980, Juan Carlos Zaldívar was a 13-year-old loyalist of the Cuban Revolution jeering in the streets at the thousands of "Marielitos" leaving the island by boat for the United States. Within weeks, he was a Marielito himself, headed with the rest of his family for a new life in Miami. As related by Zaldívar in the intensely personal and evocative 90 Miles, arrival in South Florida is only the beginning of the family's struggles to comprehend the full meaning of their passage into exile. What follows is an intimate and uneasy accounting of the historical forces that have split the Cuban national family in two, and which shape the passage of values from one generation to the next.
Montoya, Patricia. A Ride Out (1993) Colombia/USA, video, 10 min.
The story of a one night love affair between two women is combined with a poem as the narrator understands her immigrant experience through which she discovers herself as the desirable other.

Montoya, Patricia. El culebreo, la muerte de un colombiano y el acordionista que no está (1996) Colombia/USA

Montoya, Patricia. Candide (2007) Colombia/USA, video, 12 min.
Lesbian love and the nostalgia of the immigrant from the roof of Tijuana.

Medina, Dolissa. A Lineage Of Kind Men (2004) USA, video, 4 min.
The works shows an alternative view of Mexican masculinity and gender, seen from the eyes of a young girl discovering her sexuality.

Monforte, Ivan: I Belong to You (2006) USA, video, 4 min.
A kiss.

Morgado Escanilla, Claudia. No Bikini (2007) Chile/Canada, video, 9 min.
At seven years old, Robin decides to go without her bikini top at a summer camp – with surprising results!...

Moret, Alfozo. Please Decompose Slowly (1991) USA, video, 30 min.
A collage of images, poems, and stories relating to the maker’s transition from self-hatred regarding men of color. The tape focuses on the maker relationship with his lover Salvador Maryinez and his death due to AIDS:

Maytorena-Taylor, Jennifer. The Grat Dykes of Holland (1993) USA, video, 7 min.
Girls lip synch to a Disney ditty and visit the Folsom St. Fair.


Navarro, Ray. Lyric of a Fallen Angel (1985) USA, video, 5 min.

Navarro, Ray. Defect (1990) USA, video, 20 min.
Interviews and personal confessions.

Negrón Mutaner, Francis. AIDS in the Barrio: Eso no me pasa a mí (1989)
USA, 16mm, color, 29 minutes.
Documentary on the socioeconomic and cultural context of the AIDS epidemic in a Latino Philadelphia neighborhood.

Negrón Muntaner, Francis. Brincando el Charco (1994) USA, 16 mm., 55min.
A young Latina artist serves seven years of exile in Philadelphia. When her father dies suddenly, Claudia copes with detachment. While she considers her obligation to a family who abandoned her because she is a lesbian, Claudia spends her days photographing and documenting other Latina/o gays. Her gay white publishing agent, however, discourages Claudia from pushing "the people-of-color issue" onto the rest of the community. Although she steers clear of becoming too involved in her lawyer girlfriend's political activism, Claudia copes inwardly with the effects of what has happened to her people politically since the colonialization of Puerto Rico.

Negrón Muntaner, Francis. Homeless Diaries (1996) USA, video, 50 min.
A video diary featuring the intertwined stories of the filmmaker's search for cultural belonging and a group of squatters' struggle for housing.

Negrón Muntaner, Francis. For the Record: Guam and World War II (2007)
mini-DV/film, 56 min.
For the Record is a one-hour documentary about one of the rare times in American modern history that a foreign power has occupied U.S. territory: Guam, 1941-1944.


Oceano, Nick. The Cousin/ El Primo (2007) USA, video, 16 min.
A sheltered, sensitive teenager visits his tough, older cousin in Laredo, Texas and learns a hard lesson about what it means to be a man.

Oquendo Villar, Carmen. Boquita (2005) USA, 16 mm., 10 min.
The story of a transgender nightlife performer from the Dominican Republic called Boquita. Boquita, who currently resides in Jamaica Plain, MA, works as an AIDS prevention counselor at the Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation (HOPE) in Jamaica Plain during the day and performs at various nightclubs in Massachusetts at night.

Oquendo Villar, Carmen. Mizery (2006) USA, video, 17 min.
Mizery is dragqueen from Panama who doesn’t have an accent and she is black. She has been in the United States since she was nine years old, so she is more fluent in English.

Oliva, Apollo. Colorblind (2006) USA, video, 20 min.
A straight guy finds himself attracted to his new gay neighbor.


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