Dynetica -- a simulator of dynamic networks

(written in Java; needs JDK1.5 or above from sun.com). 

Copyright © 2000-2005 by Lingchong You.


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Download the current version of Dynetica 1.2beta (http://www.duke.edu/~you/Dynetica/DyneticaInstall_1.2beta.zip). Unzip this file to a directory, say DyneticaDirectory. In DyneticaDirectory you should have two items, one is a jar file: Dynetica.jar, the other is a subdirectory called “examples”, which holds some example models built in Dynetica.

To run Dynetica, you can type the following command in a command window (in Unix or Windows):


Previous version: http://www.duke.edu/~you/Dynetica/DyneticaInstall_1.1.zip


o        The main window showing a simplified model of phage T7 intracellular growth cycle

o        A figure window showing the simulated time-courses for selected components.

Click here for the User’s guide of Dynetica. You may also check out a preprint (PDF) describing this software.


o       Graphic construction of kinetic models of various biological systems.

o       The user needs only specify the components in the system and their interactions. The program automatically generates the ordinary differential equations.

o       Time course simulations using either deteriministic algorithms or stochastic algorithms (currently only the Gillespie algorithm has been implemented).

o       Basic sensitivity analysis.


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