News and profiles about our research

      A redesign for life (Chemistry world). 2009

Understanding a cell′s split personality (Science Daily). 2009

Finding the constant in bacterial communication (Eureka) 2009

Evolution′s war on design (IET); 2009

Synthetic predator-prey system (Eureka); 2008 

Team Spirit (Science News); 2009

Engineering an Ecosystem (NIH Computing Life)(2008)

Bistable Rb-E2F switch (2008)

Student honored by Goldwater foundation (2008)

Packard award on studying cellular information processing  (2006) 

High school advisees won national prize (2006)

Synthetic killer circuits (2005)

Keck Futures Initiatives Grant on engineering microbial swarmbots  (2005)

Custom-Made Microbes, at Your Service (NY Times article) (2004)