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My research focuses on the repeatability of evolution and the genetics of epidermal patterning, using the incredible diversity in floral pigment patterning in Clarkia as a model. 

Kimmy Stanton

Graduate student

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Irene Liao

Graduate student

I am interested in the evolution of selfing syndrome characters in morning glories.

I am interested in the evolution of flower color. Specifically, I am trying to understand the evolution of floral patterns in Clarkia.  

Rong-Chien Lin

Graduate student

Katherine Ostevik


My research focuses on parallel adaptation and speciation in plants.

Karla Sosa

Graduate student 

My research focuses on plant dispersal over broad geographic ranges. I'm also interested in taxonomy and phylogenetic methods.

taxonomy and phylogenetic methods.

Jonathan Colen

Graduate student

I am interested in testing how selection and gene flow may affect the process of speciation in natural field settings.

Gongyuan Cao

Graduate student


I'm interested in the evolution of defensive traits in the plants, especially how could proteins perform new functions with arising neutral or selected substitutions.