Associate Professor, Decision Sciences

The Fuqua School of Business

Duke University






Research interests: market design; optimization: combinatorial and network optimization, integer programming; design and analysis of algorithms; auction theory; mechanism design.


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Completed papers:

·       A Primal-Dual Framework for Decomposition and Rounding Methods in ATO Systems, with L. DeValve and Y. Wei.

·       Optimal Allocation of Exclusivity Contracts, with C. Deng.

·       Optimal Pricing for Two-Sided Media Platforms under Competition and Incomplete Information, with L. DeValve.

·       Managing Product Innovation Spillover in Sourcing, with B. Hu and Y. Mai.

·       Approval Voting Approach to Subset Selection, with P.C. Fishburn.

·       Information Acquisition and Technology Adoption in a Partnership, with Y. Mai.

·       Robust Bidding Policies, with V. Nguyen.

·       Courteous or Crude? Understanding and Shaping User Behavior in Ride-hailing, with Y. Mai, B. Hu, Y.Hu, and Z. Zou.




·       Efficient Allocation and Pricing for Multi-Featured Items, with O. Candogan. Management Science, forthcoming.

·       Mechanism and Network Design with Private Negative Externalities, with A. Belloni and C. Deng. Operations Research, 65, 577-594.

·       Money for Nothing: Exploiting Negative Externalities, with C. Deng. In Shoham Y. (Ed.) Proceedings of the 12th ACM conference on Electronic Commerce, ACM, New York, NY, 361-370.

·       Scaling Invariance and a Characterization of Linear Objective Functions. In Brafman R.I., Roberts, F.S., Tsoukias, A. (eds.) Algorithmic Decision Theory, Springer, 205-218.

·       Relevance to Practice and Auction Theory: A Memorial Essay for Michael Rothkopf, with R.M. Harstad. Interfaces, 38, 367-380.

·       Revenue Ranking of Discriminatory and Uniform Auctions with an Unknown Number of Bidders, with I. Tsetlin.  Management Science, 54, 1610-1623.

·       Sequential vs. Single-Round Uniform Price Auctions, with C. Mezzetti and I. Tsetlin. Games and Economic Behavior, 62, 591-609.

·       Information Aggregation in Auctions with an Unknown Number of Bidders, with R.M. Harstad and I. Tsetlin. Games and Economic Behavior, 62, 476-508.

·       On the Existence of the Symmetric Equilibrium in (k+1)-st Price Common Value Auctions, with I. Tsetlin. Review of Economic Design, 10, 63-71.

·       Noncomputational Approaches to Mitigating Computational Problems in Combinatorial Auctions, with M.H. Rothkopf. In P. Cramton, Y. Shoham, R. Steinberg (Eds.) Combinatorial Auctions, M.I.T. Press.

·       Listen to Your Neighbors: How (Not) to Reach a Consensus, with N. Mustafa. SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 17, 634-660.

·       The Repeated Insertion Model for Rankings: Missing link between two subset choice models, with J.-P. Doignon and M. Regenwetter. Psychometrika, 69, 33-54.

·       Combinatorial Auction Design, with M.H. Rothkopf. Management Science, 49, 1485-1503.

·       Subset Comparisons for Additive Linear Orders, with P.C. Fishburn and J.A. Reeds. Mathematics of Operations Research, 27, 227-243.

·       Meaningful and Meaningless Solutions for Cooperative N-person Games. European Journal of Operational Research 133/3, 154-169.

·       Majority Consensus and the Local Majority Rule, with N. Mustafa. In Orejas, F., P. G. Spirakis and J. van Leeuwen (Eds.): Automata, Languages and Programming, 28th International Colloquium, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2076 Springer, 530-542.

·       The Role Assignment Model Nearly Fits Most Social Networks, with F.S. Roberts.  Mathematical Social Sciences 41, 275-293.

·       Optimal Orientations of Annular Networks, with J.-C. Bermond, J. Bond, C. Martin, and F.S. Roberts. Journal of Interconnection Networks 1, 21-46.

·       Computationally Manageable Combinational Auctions, with M.H. Rothkopf and R.M. Harstad. Management Science 44, 1131-1147.

·       On the Meaningfulness of Optimal Solutions to Scheduling Problems: Can an Optimal Solution be Non-Optimal?, with N.V.R. Mahadev and F.S. Roberts. Operations Research 46/3S, S120-S134.

·       Effects of Change of Scale on Optimality in a Scheduling Model with Priorities and Earliness/Tardiness Penalties, with N.V.R. Mahadev and F.S. Roberts. Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 25/11, 9-22.

·       Optimization under Ordinal Scales: When is a Greedy Solution Optimal? Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 46, 229-239.

·       Winning Strategy for the Ramsey Graph Game, Combinatorics, Probability & Computing 5, 267-276.

·       Pekeč, A. (1996), Limitations on conclusions from combinatorial optimization models, Ph.D. Thesis, Rutgers University.


Work in progress:

·       Matching Supply and Demand in a Service Network, with L. DeValve and Y. Wei.

·       Managing Innovation Risks in a Competitive Setting: A Decision Analysis Approach, with B. Hu and Y. Mai.

·       Teaming Up for Sustained Performance: A Repeated-Game Model of Voluntary Horizontal Collaboration, with C. Deng and J. Song

·       Preconditions for Information Aggregation in Prediction Markets.

·       Managing Investment in Risky Projects with Complementarities, with R.V. Krishna and S. Rampertshammer.

·       Dynamics of Negative Advertisement Strategies, with C. Deng.

·       Sourcing Decisions under Supply Risk and Scale Economies, with F. Bernstein and C. Deng.



·       Data-Driven Decision Making (Exec. Ed.)

·       Digital Platforms (EMBA)

·       Probability and Statistics (Daytime MBA, EMBA)

·       Statistical Models (EMBA)

·       Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamics (Daytime MBA)


Excellence in Teaching Award, Weekend Executive MBA Program, Class of 2015.

Excellence in Teaching Award, Cross Continent MBA Program Class of 2012.

Excellence in Teaching Award, Weekend Executive MBA Program, Class of 2010.



Saša Pekeč is an Associate Professor in the Decision Sciences Area at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. Professor Pekeč research is interdisciplinary and revolves around decision-making in complex competitive environments. He is a founding board member of the INFORMS Section on Auctions and Market Design, and has published articles in Management Science, Operations Research, as well as in top academic journals in other fields such as economics, mathematics and psychology.  Professor Pekeč is teaching data-driven decision-making courses across Fuqua’s executive and daytime MBA programs.

Professor Pekeč’s consulting experience includes banking, internet, pharmaceutical, retail, and telecommunications industries. He serves on the Supervisory Board of Atlantic Grupa, one of the leading FMCG companies in SE Europe, and was a member of the Council of Economic Advisors to the President of Croatia from 2010 to 2015.