REU Assassins

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[Note:  This webpage is an edited version of, the rules I’ve used at Duke.  If something doesn’t make sense let me know; it probably is something that I overlooked when I was changing things to make these rules fit our needs.   Feel free to look at the aforementioned link if you want to see examples of Agent bios or the leaderboard. -A.M.]


The goal of Assassins is to remain alive until you have killed all other players. To do so, The Director (Abhijit) must assign you a target. You may not automatically get the target of your target if you succeed. You then must make a legal kill, following the rules.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: All players will give themselves a good nickname, but make it scary. Your nickname shouldn’t give away your identity; for instance, Chad shouldn’t call himself Agent Sexy Fish and Christina shouldn’t call herself Agent Shaboomy. That would be somewhat self-defeating. Additionally, you should create a fun informational bio describing yourself – be creative. Submit your info to Abhijit at

Bios for all agents will be added to the “Agents” page as I receive them.




1) A kill must be done so that no other people see you. This rule is very important. Each Assassin's job is to stay shrouded in secrecy. If you have seen Highlander, then you know that sneaky people don't battle out in the open. There is one exception to this rule. If you wear something to disguise your identity (such as a mask or a trash-can on your head, the latter of which is ill-advised), a kill may be made with bystanders present. However, the disguise must be donned before being seen by citizens and must be taken off without the presence of any citizens (this is very important). Using disguises can provide for quite funny antics. Just keep this rule in mind. If you see a citizen, then you can't make a kill unless you are already wearing a mask. Since you can never be sure who is playing, just be careful. 

1a) If you kill someone with a witness, the kill will not be legitimate. You will still be alive, but so will your victim. Additionally, witnessing Assassins may take you on as a target.

2) If you get antsy, and your target finds you out while you are making a hit, then he/she/it has the right to kill you. Plain, simple self-defense. If you are an Assassin and you witness a hit, then contact The Director. He will assign you the Assassin you witnessed, and you will be authorized to kill her/him/it as well. Of course the witnessed Assassin will be warned. 
2. a) As alluded to in rule 2, if someone can show a good working knowledge that you are playing the game, then they can take you on as a target. The most common ways that agents seem to give away their identities are by showing off their weaponry, talking about Assassins in a public forum, or by asking me questions about the rules in the presence of others. All decisions regarding extra assignments are made by The Director. Someone "skulking around suspiciously" or simply "acting strange" doesn't always mean that they are playing.  Unless you are killing someone in self defense (or within 5 minutes of witnessing another Assassin make a botched kill attempt), you must have the Director’s permission to take on a target.

3) This goes without saying (as you are to not talk about Assassins in a public forum), but tell no one who your target is. That is very unprofessional, and if someone finds out, they can kill you too. Unless you are really cocky, I don't suggest it. Hide your weapons and don't brag. You will get a chance to gain glory through the reports of The Director. 

4) You can't make a kill just anywhere. Places people can't be killed (in addition to the specific rules for the presence of the Citizenry in rule number one) are: 

a) In the target's room when the door is fully closed and the target is sleeping. If the door is open enough so that one can walk in, you can make the kill (even if they are sleeping). If you are invited in the room by ANYONE in the room, then you can walk in and make the kill. For instance, you can walk in the room, shut the door, and make your kill. You CANNOT open a closed door unless you are invited in...this is breaking the law. But any other time that the victim is awake and you are legally in the person's room, you can make the kill.  (all the "ROOM rules" above do not apply in the case of self-defense)
b) while at work (except for during lunchtime)
c) in the bathroom 
d) at any official REU event (i.e., an event that is on the calendar or that Rich announces to us, except for the NYC and Niagara Falls trips)
e) any library on campus, unless the victim is alone
f) you cannot kill the driver of a moving vehicle, and you cannot kill the driver of a motor vehicle any time the engine is on, even if said vehicle is stationary. (though other passengers are fair game)
g) while someone is at the gym, or during a game of something like Ultimate
h) anywhere where weaponry might damage the surroundings .... use good judgment 


5) Once a hit is made, ALL parties involved need to contact The Director by e-mail ( (and IM  - abhijit496 - if you are very eager to report and get your next target). The Director will be in contact with you as soon as he receives word of the deceased. For those that have made a kill, come up with a creative story describing the kill. Be creative, The Director likes creativity. 

6) If you want to hire a gun, you must get a prof, postdoc, grad student, etc.. (contact me if you want to make sure) to make a kill for you. First however, they must submit by e-mail a request to become a hitperson. It must read, "Dear Director, I submit myself to your overarching cabal of intrigue." These hired guns must obey the same rules for killing.

7) You don’t need to be present for a kill.  Booby traps are legit as long as they follow all of the above rules. If you can rig a sock gun so that it kills your target in a legal time and place when nobody else is around, that’s great.  However, keep in mind that you must be able to prove the kill, and that you’ll need to leave some sort of “calling card” so that the victim knows s/he was killed and by whom.  If you set a booby trap that goes off on the wrong person or that is discovered before it is used, you’ll be in big trouble.

8) If any rules are broken, a player is incredibly inactive/nowhere to be seen, or The Director hears any Assassin talking about Assassins in a public forum, then that Assassin may be posted on a wanted list (fair game for any other agent) and/or assigned a Cleaner (see below). 


Cleaners are players who have been assigned special tasks by The Director so the game will proceed as he wills it. A cleaner is not meant to help a player. He is meant to kill a player. 

If you are found to be breaking rules, you may be assigned a Cleaner. 

If you are found to be hiding so that you can "rest" your way to the top (remain safely hidden until such time as most others have been executed), you may be assigned a Cleaner. Don't do this.

If you play dirty, have a bad attitude, talk about Assassins in a public forum, or tick The Director off, you may be assigned a Cleaner. 

This all being said, Cleaners will only be used in rare circumstances. Hopefully, they will not be needed. (I don’t think I have ever heard of them actually being used.)

ONCE YOU ARE KILLED: Please have respect for the other Assassins and the integrity of the game by not talking about the game. Don't tell anyone (except for The Director, of course) who killed you or who your target was. This provides an unfair advantage to certain Assassins, and in real life, dead men tell no tales. Remember, people aren't supposed to know who else is playing. Just don't talk about it.


1) A kill must be made using a valid weapon. If the person killed doesn't know that they are killed, then it isn't a kill. Duh. 
2) The valid weapons are:
a) a spoon touched to the body of the victim (preferably a plastic spoon – don’t go taking all of the REU silverware from the kitchen :-P)
b) a sock or socks thrown at the victim

3) When trying to avoid sock or spoon attack, please be careful. But also keep in mind that if you are clearly attacked, you can fight back in self-defense. Also, do not use the weapon in such a way as to injure others. (If you want to throw something, use a sock – a kill made by a thrown spoon is only valid if the victim is less than 3 meters away from you, there is no chance of any other human being or other vertebrate coming into the room, and the spoon always stays at an elevation that is below the victim’s neck.) Sometimes running is the best strategy.


You are responsible for your own weaponry.
If you kill an innocent victim, then your name will be put on the wanted list.  Once a kill occurs, it must be reported. News of the Day will be posted on the Leaderboard page. When a kill is reported, be colorful about the description. Remember, the most flair and ingenuity will always burn fear into the hearts of the other people playing.

If you have any sorts of questions about the rules, please e-mail (, IM (abhijit496), or visit (10133) The Director. You should know proper conduct. Play fair, no cheating. If you botch a kill, don't lie about it. (If there is any disagreement, and there better not be, The Director is the arbiter and his decision is final). Don't inconvenience the target or others with your antics. Don't hurt yourself. This is a fun sneaky game.