Most of my teaching responsibilities are in the Master's of Environmental Managment program (Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University), although one course (ENV 360) is designed for PhD students.

Courses I teach operate on principles of active learning, preparation (by myself and students), and participation. Two central tenants of my teaching philosophy are to be fair to all students and to actively teach them. Towards being fair, I make an effort to learn student names, engage them as individuals within the classroom, evaluate their work anonymously where possible (e.g. grading written assignments without names attached), and develop transparent class policies. I cultivate an understanding that I recognize them as people, but evaluate their work. Toward actively teaching, I employ multiple means of teaching (lectures, videos, labs, and discussions) to facilitate student engagement with and greater understanding of course materials. I also provide detailed, individual, written feedback on all assignments, highlighting both what students have done well and what needs improvement.

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