Course Schedule

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Last update: January 27, 1997

Course Schedule

Specific readings and lecture topics will be scheduled as the course progresses. However, it is clear that the first half of the course will focus on: The second half of the course will focus on: Specific readings will be assigned as the course progresses.

Assignments are discussed in detail elsewhere at this WWW site. However, assignment due dates will follow the schedule below:

Assignment Day Date
Assignment 1a Monday March 25
Assignment 1b Thursday March 28
Assignment 3 Team & Target Monday April 1
Assignment 2 Thursday April 4
Assignment 3 Thursday April 11
Assignment 4 Thursday April 25

The following is a schedule of topics that will be covered during the course. Additions and modifications will be made as the course evolves.

Date Topics
March 24 Course Overview, Web site, HTML Assistant, FTP, HTML fundamentals
March 27 HTML topics: Links ....... Digital technologies
March 31 HTML topic: Tables & Frames ...... Digital dawn
April 3 HTML topics, Way we live
April 7 HTML topics: Backgrounds ... HTML topics: Frame Targets ... Way we work
April 10 HTML topics: Transparent Images, ... Digital media
April 14 HTML topics: Clickable Tables .... Marketing in a Digital Age
April 17 HTML topics: Clickable Image Maps ..... Disintermediation ... Pointcast Network demo
April 21 Group presentations ... Peapod Demo
April 24 Group Presentations ... Interpath Presentation
April 28 Group presentations ... David Emmett
May 1 Group presentations

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