Marketing & the Internet: 1996

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Last update: February 28, 1997
This collection of resources is provided in support of BA 491, Marketing in a Global Internetworked Environment. This version of the course was taught in Spring, 1996 and the 1997 version is very different. Whereas this 1996 version featured the development of Web pages, the 1997 version has dropped that requirement and focuses much more on marketing.

Course Orchestration

This link connects you to information about the course itself. This includes the course syllabus, schedule, and assignments. See the bulletin board for this course for minor updates and additions to this material.

Marketing Topics

This link connects you to WWW sites illustrating various aspects of marketing applications and marketing-related issues.

The Information Revolution & the Web

The WWW is part of a larger group of technological forces that promise widespread impact. This page links you to information related to these larger technological and societal themes.

WWW Authoring

Here you will find resouces to assist you in WWW authoring. These include instructions for the use of WS-FTP software, the use of Duke's WWW server and your acpub account, various style guides, sources for gif images, and so on.