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The Cook Cryptograph
a mechanical version of the electrical
The American Brake Shoe Company Cryptograph
circa 1943

Note that the original five knobs are missing. The "Index" knobs are replacements. No knobs have been mounted for the two "Factors."

The aluminum cover has been removed. The dials are spring-loaded. The "Index" knobs turn the brass wheels with approximately 60 detents.

Rear view. The "Index" knobs control the rack-and-pinon slides on which are mounted two pulleys. A brass tape is threaded through the device.
The "Factor B" shaft has nothing mounted on it and appears to never have been used.

Postulated threading plan has been superimposed in yellow.
The Cook Electrical Ciphering Device
Click on image for a .pdf of the 1943 "Confidential" report.

The white cards around the three knobs in the "Front View" contain the letters of the alphabet.