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Congratulations to to Hyejin and our collaborators from the Park group at UTSW - our first collaborative project from the team on designing 15N-HP/MRI probes for H2O2 sensing is now published at ACS sensors!

Congratulations to Guangshou, and Wang lab alum Colton and Jiaqi for the work on alkene aminofluorination, now in the JACS!


Congratulations to to Hyejin and Shannon - our collaborative project with the Warren group on designing hyperpolarized nitric oxide sensors now published online.


New NSF grant! We thank NSF Chemistry for continuous support to our group's research!


Congratulations to EJ on receiving the departmental Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship for Spring 2023!

Congratulations to Eni, Noah, and Maria on receiving Pelham Wilder Fellowship in recognition of their efforts with the undergraduate laboratories!

Congratulations to Dr. Yung Kwon on her successful PhD defense - the Wang group's #9 Ph.D! Yung will start her new position as a process chemist at Seagen, Inc. Best wishes to Dr. Kwon for her new life at Seattle!


Congratulations to Hyejin! Her review article "State-of-the-Art Accounts of Hyperpolarized 15N-Labeled Molecular Imaging Probes for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging" now published on Chem. Sci.


Congratulations to Christina Hanson on a successful M.S. defense! Best wishes to her for a new start at Kansas!

Congratulations to Yung - her review article "Recent Advances in 1,2-Amino(hetero)arylation of Alkenes" is now online for a Special Collection on Women in Chemistry at Chemistry - An Asian journal.


Congratulations to Dr. Hyejin Park on her successful PhD defense - the Wang group's #8 Ph.D! Hyejin will start her new position as a medicinal chemist at Jnana Therapeutics. Best wishes to Dr. Park for her new life at Boston!



Congratulations to Seoyoung and EJ! Their work on "three component difunctionalization of cyclohexenyl triflates as direct access to versatile cyclohexenes via cyclohexynes" now available at Angew Chem!

Congratulations to Junu, Hyejin, and our collaborators in the Warren's group on establishing 15N-labeled azides as practical and effective molecular tags for developing long-lived hyperpolarized MRI agents and it is now published on Chemical Science!

New ACS grants - we thank the support from the ACS PRF and Green Chemistry Institute to our group's research!


Congratulations to Yung and Wei - their work on Copper-Catalyzed Aminoheteroarylation of Unactivated Alkenes now published on ACS Catalysis.

We thank Duke DCI for a pilot grant award to support our hyperpolarized MRI probe development!


Welcome Justin Zhang to join the group for undergraduate research.

Congratulations to Yung and Hyejin! Yung received a departmental Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship and Hyejin received a Kathleen Zielik Fellowship for the Spring of 2022!


Congratulations to Hyejin, Kun, and our collaborators on developing "Novel 18F-PET Agents for Tumor Hypoxia Imaging" recently appearing at J. Med. Chem. A great team to work together!


Congratulations to Dr. Cho on her successful PhD defense - the Wang group's #7 Ph.D! Seoyoung will start her new position as a scienist at Incyte Corp. - Best wishes to Dr. Cho!

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Positions Available in the Wang Group at Duke Chemistry

Postdoctoral positions

The application should include your curriculum vitae, research summary, a short description of your future research interests, and contact information for three references. Please send your application to Dr. Qiu Wang by email in one PDF file. Strong candidates will be contacted for recommendation letters.

Graduate students

Prospective graduate students interested in joining our group are encouraged to contact Dr. Qiu Wang directly.

If you are interested in applying to graduate school in the Department of Chemistry at Duke University, you can find more information through the department web site:

Undergraduate students

Motivated undergraduates who are interested in organic synthesis and chemical biology are welcome to work with our group. Please contact Dr. Qiu Wang for available research opportunities.

Those interested in working in the Wang group for independent study should also review the specific departmental requirements at


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