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I grew up in a small town in central Indiana (as in 1-stoplight small). I went to Tri-West, which at the time was Jr. and Sr. Since Tri-West, my life has been relatively "linear." I went to DePauw University and earned a degree in Physics (along the way joined a Fraternity, something I never imagined doing). While at DPU, I did a science research fellowship at Duke, which was just starting a Graduate Program in Medical Physics. I applied, matriculated, and successfully defended my PhD dissertation in January 2011. I completed a Diagnostic Imaging Residency with the Clinical Imaging Physics Group at Duke, and then became a full-time Radiation Physicist in May 2013.

Outside of workI enjoy listening to NPR (particularly This American Life, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, and Science Friday), and during the basketball season, I'll watching the games on TV. A favorite hobby is cooking. Like many PhD research projects, my projects could take weeks or months to reach a conclusion, so I find cooking to be an excellent hobby that has a short time scale; I like being able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Baking I'm just OK at, but I really enjoy cooking. Over the years I've compiled my own recipe book from family recipes, stuff I've found on the internet, friend's suggestions, and some of my own creations, but I'm always trying new things.

Duke basketball

I grew up in central Indiana, so I was predestined to love basketball. I played when I was younger and most recently on the Medical Physics IM team in graduate school. My great-grandmother, grandmother, uncle, and pretty much all the family I grew up with were IU fans, so it is a little blasphemous that I'm a Duke basketball fan. Since coming to Duke I've been to numerous games in Cameron, won a basketball signed by Coach K in a raffle, stood court-side for a Duke-UNC game, and traveled back to Indy to cheer on the Men's team to their 4th National Championship in 2010.

Fourrrrrrrrrrr!!!! (2010)

Final game on the floor
with "Oh Baby!"

GPSC folks and I before
a Duke-UNC game at Cameron (2007)

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