January 2018: Taylor Fistel joins the lab as an undergraduate research assistant - welcome! January 2018: New paper, with postbac Jackson Lee, on how linguistic analysis shapes phoneme processing out in ISAAR Proceedings; stay tuned for more!

November 2017: Tobias receives a $20K grant from the American Hearing Research Foundation for "Optimizing cochlear implant sound processor configurations via neural response properties to improve speech comprehension", in collaboration with Josh Stohl, Leslie Collins, and Michael Murias.

November 2017: Tobias will transition to the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience as a tenure-track Assistant Professor for the academic year 2018/19! This means the O-Lab is hiring: we have open positions for highly motivated postdocs, graduate students, and a lab manager/RA starting Fall 2018 (here is more information: ). Note that the deadline for graduate student applications at Duke is December 1, 2017.
Please contact Tobias ( if you are interested in joining the lab.

September 2017: Tony Sali and Valeria Caruso join the lab as postdoctoral researchers! Welcome!

August 2017: Tobias gives an Invited Talk at the International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research in Nyborg, Denmark.

August 2017: Tobias wins a $86K DIBS Incubator Award for "Optimizing cochlear implant sound processor configurations via neural response properties to improve speech comprehension", in collaboration with Josh Stohl, Leslie Collins, and Michael Murias.

July 2017: Tobias visits David Poeppel's posh new second home, the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt, Germany! Lots of interesting stuff happening there.
He also gives a talk and has an inspiring visit with auditory neuroscientists at the University of Maastricht (Lars Riecke, Federico de Martino, Michelle Moerel, and many others!), who have an amazing MR imaging set up (3T, 7T, and 9.4T) and are pushing the envelope in terms of fMRI analysis tools.

May 2017: The O-Lab submits 3 abstracts to SfN!

April 2017: After graduating early in December 2016, Joon Paik rejoins the lab for more!

February 2017: Yoshie Mizuguchi and Paul Dickinson join the lab as undergraduate research assistants - welcome!

14 February 2017: Tobias gives a talk and chairs a session on Human Auditory Cortex at the ARO MidWinter meeting!

November 2016: Joon and Tobias present their fMRI study investigating acousto-linguistic mapping via bilingual speech quilts at the APAN and SfN 2016 meetings.

1 September 2016: Matt Fecteau joins the lab as a lab manager!

29 August 2016: Jackson Lee joins the lab as a postgraduate research assistant to start off the new academic year!

5 August 2016: Tobias visits Jonas Obleser's lab in Luebeck, Germany, and gives a talk. Great place, great people, and great research going on there!

21&22 May 2016: Tobias becomes all hip and artsy at Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC: he gave a workshop on "Music in the brain", and was a panelist on "AI and Music", organized by Doug Eck and Adam Roberts from the Google Brain: Magenta project.

April 2016: Maddie Hsiang joins the lab!

April 2016: Post Bac position available in our lab. Please check out the official announcement and apply by April 15:

March 2016: A project with violinist Jennifer Koh investigates the inner workings of the brain of a professional musician when listening to, reading, or imagining playing a piece of music.

March 2016: Aurelio Falconi joins the lab!

January 2016: Tobias joins the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) core faculty!

October 2015: Joon Paik joins the lab!

August 2015: Jade Wu and Sam Yin join the lab!

June 2015: "Speech quilting" paper appears in Nature Neuroscience!

May 2015: Paige Mihalsky will join the lab as Lab Manager / Research Assistant in August!

Spring 2014: Lab Manager / Research Assistant position available to help kick-start our lab. Please check out the official announcement here .

Summer 2013: Prospective graduate students and postdocs interested in working in our lab as of the academic year 2014/15 should send an email outlining their research interests and include a CV and contact details of two academic references. Ideal candidates will have a degree in a related discipline (e.g. Psychology, Neuroscience, Engineering) and have good programming skills (Matlab). Previous experience in auditory research, functional brain imaging, signal processing and/or acoustics is highly desirable.

February 2013: Tobias Overath accepts a position as Assistant Research Professor at the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences at Duke University.
He will defer for one year (2013/14) to do postdoctoral work with André Beauducel and Anja Leue at the Department of Psychology, Bonn University, Germany.