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Material in the Hill and Watson Brain and Neural Crest Study

Below is a diagram of the embryos included in the Hill and Watson study of the development of the brain and neural crest. This series included multiple specimens at multiple stages of many different Australian marsupials. These included fairly complete series of Dasyurus viverrinus, and Perameles (both obsula and nasuta) and a variety of Diprotodontids including Petrogale, Trichosurus, Bettongia, and Macropus (see table listing specific specimens here). The flat embryo stages are equivalent to stages 22-25 or 26 Monodelphis (find link to Monodelphis staging series here); the flexure to closure stages are stage 26 to 28 and the closed brain are stages 28-33 Monodelphis. The roman numerals are the stages for each series assigned by Watson and Hill in their manuscript drafts (they made no attempt to come up with a single staging system). Finally the asterisks show where each embryo illustrated fits in the staging system.

catalogue of specimens



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