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James Peter Hill (FRS) published extensively on marsupial, montreme and eutherian development and placental structure in the first half of the 20th century. He established an extraordinary collection of specimens, and his collection of marsupial and monotreme embryos is unmatched anywhere.

Among other things Hill, with collaborators such as JT Wilson and T Flynn, was the first to describe the details of marsupial placental structure, marsupial dental development, and early development in marsupials and monotremes.

Hill retired in 1938 but continued to work until his death in 1954. At his death a large number of projects were unfinished. Several of these were completed by colleagues, in particular Flynn, but one of the largest projects, a study of neural tube development and neural crest migration in marsupials has remained incomplete.

At the present time KK Smith is cataloging, transcribing and preparing this material for future publication. These web pages provide an introduction to the material, and will include catalogues and transcriptions of this material as it becomes available.

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