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The J.P Hill collections contains hundreds of images. These images include original images of illustrations of many of Hill's papers, drafts and drawings, and many exquisite unpublished illustrations (Klima and Bangma, 1987). Many of these images, in particular the unpublished images are shown on the accompaning pages. Check the various links below for images and notes from Hill's notebooks. These pages are under construction so not all links are live and not all information is complete.






Neural crest reconstructions

Images of Hill in Australia

reference: Klima, M and G. C. Bangma (1987) Unpublished drawings of marsupial embryos from the Hill Collection and some problems of marsupial ontogeny. Z. Saugetierkunde 52: 201-211



JP Hill biography

JP Hill: An appreciation

JP Hill and the Neural Crest

Material in the Neural Crest Study


The Hill Embryological Collection

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