Marketing and the Internet

Assignment 3
Tracing One Technology's Impact

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University

This assignment is to be completed by a team of not more than four students. Teams may be composed of students from either section of the course.

Overview of Assignment 3

The goal of this assignment is sharpen your skills at understanding 1) the forces that are creating and shaping the digital era, and 2) how these forces will influence how we live and work, our media, and the practice of marketing. The following list provides the assignment details.

Each team will present their report in class during one of the last four class sessions.

Sources for this Assignment

The course site contains considerable material that you should find useful for this assignment, including links to other sites. Class lectures will focus on each of the conceptual elements in the model (technologies, digital age, etc.) The CyberTrends Web pages have been copied and distributed to you. The Marketing Topics and the Information & the Web sections of the online course material are of particular relevance for this assignment.

Assignment 3 is a Team Assignment

Team Liaison and Membership

As part of this assignment, you must inform us of the following:

Send an email note to with the following lines

For example:

Team liason: Joe Jones
Account: jej3
Team members: Joe Jones, Jim Clark, Sally Glass, Hideki Makita, John Bix
Technology: Digital Camcorders