Marketing & the Internet

John McCann and John Gallagher
Last update: May 9, 1995

This collection of resources is provided in support of BA 491, Marketing in a Global Internetworked Environment. Any comments or suggestions are welcome and can be sent via email to

Marketing in a Global Internetworked Environment was offered in the Spring semester, 1995, as an elective course in the MBA curriculum of the Fuqua School of Business, Duke Unversity. The course was jointly taught by John McCann and John Gallagher. This WWW site provided all of the written material in support of the course, with the exception of a general text on the use of the Web. The course was taught conventionally in that students and instructors met during regular class hours. It was innovative in the following ways:

The links below will take you to the course's home page, and also allow you to view some sample work submitted by students as one of the two major projects for the course.

The Marketing and the Internet home page
Examples of Student Work