Marketing Topics

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Last update: March 13, 1996

The Internet and the World Wide Web are moving into the marketing arena with great speed. The purpose of this page is to provide sources of information on using the 'Net and Web. Please send suggestions for additions via email.


Trends and ideas from people who study the 'net, technology, culture, society, history, and marketing. Each of these trends provide a view of how others see the ‘net and a stimulus for thinking in new ways.

Lecture Topics

Topics that will be covered in lectures during the term.

John McCann's Papers on Marketing & the 'Net

A linked list of John McCann's recent papers on the 'net and its impact on marketing.

Marketing-oriented Papers and Discussions

Academics, marketing professionals, companies, and hobbists are putting up pages on the Web that discuss various aspects of marketing. The following are links to some of those pages, as well as links to other marketing-oriented courses on the Web.

Marketing Applications on the Web

Companies are putting their home pages on the Web with dizzying speed. I have provided a page that contains links to some of these companies, organized by the elements of the marketing mix and other marketing concepts.

Frameworks for Analyzing the 'Net's Impact

Several frameworks are presented that one can use to analyze and think about how the Internet and the Web will impact the practice of marketing within your firm

Marketing Lists

Sites that contain marketing-oriented lists or search engines for finding topics of marketing relevance

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