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Interacting with
the Real World

Sampling Considerations

Analot to Digital (AD) sampling:

Our programming languages enable us to sense the state of the world at the instant the request is made. Therefore to keep a continuous watch on the world we must make a series of repeated requests. The interval between the requests is referred to as the sampling rate. We have to ensure that our sampling rate is fast enough to capture the changes in the state of the world that we wish to sense.

AD/DA Converters and Sensor Parts Suppliers
Acroname Robotics

Trossen Robotics

Super Logistics

Analog-to-Digital (AD), Digital-to-Analog (DA) Converters
Surplus Robotic Devices  

Sample Application

EZIO Website

Blue Robotic Hand

NI USB-6008
User Guide and Specifications

NI USB-6501
User Guide and Specifications

You will find the NI Header file here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\DAQmx ANSI C Dev\include\NIDAQmx.h

You will find the NI Library file here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\DAQmx ANSI C Dev\lib\msvc\NIDAQmx.lib

If you add this library, you will receive an error message:

[ILINK32 Error] Error: 'C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS\NI-DAQ\DAQMX ANSI C DEV\LIB\MSVC\NIDAQMX.LIB' contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21 (possibly COFF)

You will need to convert the Library to a format that Embarcadero can understand. In Embarcadero help, look up:

COFF2OMF.EXE, the Import Library Conversion Tool

COFF2OMF.EXE is located in the C++Builder \bin directory.

Copy the .lib and .exe to the desktop.
Go to the command prompt. The command is:
Coff2Omf InputFile OutputFile
Place the new library alongside the old one and Add both to your Project.


Programming Resources
Phidget21 Lib (Borland C++)

Products for USB
Sensing & Control

Vultron Flipdots and LEDs from NC DOT

Convex CSMD2-U440-CE
Microstepper Motor Controller

This controller comes in a set of two, already wired to two stepper motors.
They control a long horizontal "shuttle" and a short vertical "elevator."
The "shuttle" is belt triven along a track. The "elevator" is screw driven.
The system was surplus salvaged from a biogenetics research company.

Winko-Matic Flipdots from NC DOT
Luminator Flipdot Controller
Luminator Flipdot Display - Small
Luminator Flipdot Display - Medium
Luminator Flipdot Display - Large

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