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Anti-Static Resistor Paper

Apply 5v to the ends of the paper. Tap varies from 0 to 5v.
Resistance across paper is 100 KOhms.

Quantity Many

Pencil "Lead" (Graphite) Resistor

Apply 5v to the ends of the graphite mark on paper. Use a pencil as a tap.
Resistance across mark is 100MOhms.

Quantity Many

Variable Resistor (a.k.a. Rheostat, Potentiometer, or simply Pot)

Apply 5v to the ends of the resistor. Tap varies from 0 to 5v.

Quantity Many

Joystick - Two Variable Resistors

2, 6k Ohm variable resistors (rheostats, potentiometers [pots])
Spring loaded, plus-or-minus 600 Ohm movement.

Quantity 9


Resistance varies with light that falls on its surface.
Often used as flame detectors in furnaces.

Quantity Many

Sharp - Long Distance InfraRed Measuring Sensor - GP2Y0A02YK
Specifications Sheet

Power: 5-volts DC @ 33mA
Outputs: 0.5 to 2.8v from 20 to 150cm.

Quantity 6

Photoresistor Sensor

Power: 5 Volts DC
Outputs: 1 - 4 Volts.

Quantity 4

NEC-Tokin 3D Motion Sensor - MDP-A3U9

USB Compatible, made with a combination of 3 ceramic gyros, accelerometers and magnetic sensors...

Quantity 0 (Price quoted $1175.00 each)


Pushes or pulls magnet rod when voltage is applied to coil.
May also be used in reverse as an actuator.

Quantity Two

Dinsmore Sensors - Analog Compass Sensor - #1525
Specifications Sheet

Power: 5-volts DC @ 19mA.
Outputs: Dual analog channels, 2.5v 0.4v swing (total voltage swing rail to rail, aprox. 0.75V), 4mADC signal.

This sensor provides a ratiometric output on two channels. The outputs swing from 2.9v to 2.1v in a sine/cosine fashion. It will return to the indicated direction from a 90 degree displacement in approximately 2.5 seconds with no overswing.

Quantity 4

Photovoltaics - Solar Batteries

Power: Sunlight
Outputs: 0.5-volts DC.

Quantity Many

Seismic Detector - Buried Line Intrusion Detector (BLID)

Generates a small voltage spike when moved or shocked.
Basically a magnet on a spring inside a coil of wire.

Quantity 1

Joystick - Generic

4, 100k Ohm variable resistors (rheostats, potentiometers [pots])
Not spring loaded, plus-or-minus xxx Ohm movement.

Quantity 2

BANNER Mini-Screen - MSCA-1


Quantity 1

Digital Sensors Available

Switches - All Kinds

On or Off
Microswitches (red and white) above, knife switch below.

Quantity Many

Reed Switches - All Sizes

Switch closes when near a strong magnet, but otherwise stays open.
Used estensively for security to sense when doors and windows are opened.

Quantity Many

Mercury Switches - All Sizes

Switch is sensitive to position.
Used as "tilt" detectors on pinball machines and other devices.

Quantity Many

Optical Interrupt Switches
a.k.a. Slotted Optical Switch

Infrared emitter and phototransistor or photodarlington detector. Detects when a beam is interrupted across the inside of the "U"-shaped device or when a beam is not reflected back in the case of the trapezoidal device.
Specification Sheet H22B1

Quantity Many

Infrared Rangefinder
NAIS MQ-W20A-DC12-24v AN5053

NAIS Matsushita

Quantity 2

Infrared Rangefinder
Omron E3V-DS8C43S


Quantity 2


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