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Ruth Day bio

Education Positions Research Teaching Grants

Ph.D. - Stanford University (human cognition)

On Faculty:   --Stanford University
--Yale University (Psychology and Linguistics)
--Carnegie-Mellon University (Visiting Scholar)
--Duke University (currently)

Also:   --Senior Fellow, Duke Aging Center
--Course Director, National Science Foundation Chautauqua Program

Other Previous Positions:
  --Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (Stanford)
--Faculty, Linguistic Society of America Institute

Research:   --Basic Cognition (memory, comprehension, representation, problem solving)
--Everyday Cognition
  --Medical Cognition
--Courtroom Cognition
--Memory for Movement
--Cognition and Teaching

Teaching:   --Cognitive Psychology
--Psychology of Language
--Everyday Cognition
--Great Ideas

Representative Research Grants:

--Responsive Virtual Human Technology. National Science Foundation, 2001.
  (with Research Triangle Institute)

--Usability Testing of Model Medical Device Patient Labeling. U.S. Food and
  Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, 1999.

--Optimizing Patient Comprehension through Medicine Information Leaflets.
  U.S. Pharmacopeia, Inc. 1998. (with Pharmacy School, University of North Carolina)

--Memory for Movement: Using Movement Names. North Carolina Arts
  Council, 1994.

--Comprehension of Drug Information in the Elderly. National Institutes on
  Aging, 1988.