the navigators

what we have to offer

two questions we asked ourselves were "how are we unique?" and "what do we have to offer students at duke?" here's what we found:

"navs is the most exciting group of people i've ever met or been a part of. they have been my family at duke and have allowed me to thrive here."

"what makes navs so unique to me is how people are more important than principles, something you don't always find in christian circles."

"we walk the fine line we feel God has called us to live on that is the intersection of a rigorous academic schedule, an exciting and diverse university atmosphere, and a passionate desire to know God as He wants to be known. what we offer is a safe environment to do this in, as individuals and as a community. oh yeah, and we have a great time doing it. boredom is not an option, spiritually or otherwise!"

the first year experience...

"i stayed with the navs because i liked the people and the atmosphere. i felt a freedom and safety there to be me, express myself, and learn without feeling ashamed or stupid."

"in my first year at duke i knew that no matter what else happened, there was a group of people who cared for me and loved me unconditionally. i knew that even if i felt alone, someone would miss me if i didn't show up on tuesday night. i knew that someone would ask me, when they did see me, how i was doing, and they would really care about the answer. i knew that it was okay to say that i wasn't doing well, and it was okay to cry if i had to."