#1 Software installation

Once you have collected your copy of the PCfB book from SORF, install the following software. If you will be using a Windows system, please follow the instructions starting on page 458 under Installing VirtualBox till the end of Appendix 1.

For Mac users, install TextWrangler (Page 12) and MySQL (Page 260). We also recommend installing the Enthought Python Distribution by requesting a free academic copy from (this will email you a download link). It will also be useful to learn how to compile and install software from source by following the instructions given in Chapter 21. If you find the instructions extremely confusing, an alternative is to use a package management system such as MacPorts. MacPorts and how to use it to install software are described on Page 415.

At the end of this assgnment, you should have installed the following software:
  1. TextWranger (jEdit for Windows/Ubuntu)
  2. MySQL
  3. Enthought Python Distribution
  4. ImageMagick (compiling from source or using a package management system such as MacPorts)

#2 Creating your Duke home page

Requesting for AFS space All DUMC personnel with a NetID are eligible for AFS space (5GB) for hosting personal web pages. However it is not available by default. Please email to request for AFS space if necessary to complete this assignment. It should be available to you within 24 hours of the request.

  1. Create a filed called index.html in your text editor (TextWranger or jEdit) and type or copy the following text:
      <title>My home page for PCfB</title>
     Congratulations, you have successfully created your home page!
  1. Use your NetID and password to log into WebFiles. You’ll be connected to your home directory.
  2. Click the Shared Spaces tab.
  3. Under Your Personal Web Space, click Create public_html
  4. Under Your Personal Web Space, click Upload to public_html and upload the index.html file you downloaded to your desktop in Step 1.
  5. To view your Web site, visit (Replace NetID with your NetID but kep the ~)