Data Analysis in Marine Sciences (ENV 876A)
Fall 2010, Fall 2012, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

"This course introduced me to entire new ways to think about data." - Recent student

This course is designed for graduate students from all marine science disciplines to learn data analysis skills, including analysis techniques and their implementation using MATLAB and R. Topics include: discrete sampling issues, data outlier and rejection tests, error and propagation of uncertainty, interpolation and gridding, coordinate rotations and principal axes, curve fits, regression, bootstrapping, filtering, spectral and harmonic analysis, spatial analyses. Other topics may be included depending on student interests. The course is structured as mix of weekly lectures and linked workshops applying methods to marine data sets. Homework will use data sets provided by the instructor, and students will learn (or increase their proficiency) in programming in Matlab or R. Each student will also complete a project, applying methods covered in class (and/or from literature related to their field) to datasets chosen by them as part of (or related to) their research.

Physical Oceanography (ENV/EOS 370A undergraduates; ENV 770A graduates)
Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015

"I can never look at the ocean the same way again." - Recent student

Fundamental physical principles of ocean circulation. Physical properties of seawater; forces acting on the ocean such as heat, pressure gradients, wind stress, rotation, and friction; and conservation equations for heat, mass and momentum. Applications include geostrophic balances, thermal wind, coastally trapped waves, El Nino/ENSO, and tidal circulation.
Prerequisites: one year of calculus, one semester of physics, or permission of instructor