Principal Investigator
Tobias Overath (CV)

SG (Seung-Goo) Kim (website)
SG is interested in (1) temporal processing in auditory cortex and (2) its interaction with higher-order information in speech and music. He uses linearized encoding analysis on fMRI and M/EEG data. He likes relaxed swimming in warm water.
Akshay Maggu
Akshay looks at sound processing in the brain, broadly defined. As a hearing scientist and an audiologist, his research interests entail investigating (1) Auditory Processing Disorders; (2) Treatment Optimization; and (3) Effects of auditory experiences (e.g. language, music, disorders) on subcortical and cortical auditory processes. His long-term aim is to combine his theoretical, experimental, and clinical experience to guide translational research to benefit patients with communication disorders.

Graduate students
Jiayue Liu
Jiayue is generally interested in how the acoustic signal that reaches the eardrum is processed in the auditory system. More specifically, she is devoted to understanding how hearing loss and hearing aids (including cochlear implants) affect human auditory perception. Her current work focuses on quantifying the perceptual cost of auditory nerve fiber loss.

Undergraduate Research Assistants
Jasmine Leahy
Jasmine has studied a variety of topics at the intersection of neuroscience and music, ranging from encoding of tonality and rhythm using EEG to how music can affect the emotions of people with Alzheimer's Disease. She will be pursuing her MD at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where she hopes to study hearing-related disorders and how music can improve the quality of life of her patients.
Ying Yu
Ying is majoring in Program II, combining her interests in music, neuroscience, and global health into her studies. She is currently working on a project investigating Auditory Processing Disorder and is also interested in how music can be used to improve patient outcomes, mental health care, and memory care, especially in low-resource settings. Ying is on the Triathlon team and loves backpacking and the outdoors.
Medy Mu
Medy is majoring in neuroscience and statistics. Medy was born in Beijing, China, but did her secondary education in Austin, Texas. Medy discovered her interests in neuroscience when she started to learn brain anatomy in high school and was very surprised by the delicacy and complexity of human brains. Medy also likes to spend my free time playing drums and making origami.
Allen Zhang
Allen is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He is interested in the connection between music and perception. In his free time, Allen enjoys playing and performing violin and fishing.
Kees Heetderks
Kees is majoring in neuroscience with a minor in chemistry. So far he has focused on molecular neurobiology in a class setting, but is interested in sound and language processing in the brain. In addition, he hopes to learn more about neurological diseases, specifically Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease in a lab setting. In his free time, he likes to play soccer and hike.

Lab alumni
Jie Wan
Lab manager; now graduate student at UC Irvine with Greg Hickok
David Murphy
Graduate student (with Jenni Groh)
Taylor Fistel
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Saqib Shahid
Rotating Masters student
Charlie Todd
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Maddie Hsiang
Undergraduate Research Assistant; now IRTA Postbaccalaureate fellow at NIH
Preethi Kannan
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Valeria Caruso
Postdoc; now Research Investigator at the University of Michigan
Jackson Lee
Research Assistant / Lab Manager; now doing a MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech
Anthony Sali
Postdoc; now Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University
Yoshie Mizuguchi
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Paul Dickinson
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Aurelio Falconi
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Matt Fecteau
Lab manager; now with the Duke Track team
Paige Mihalsky
Lab manager / Research assistant; now attending Medical School at the University of Oklahoma
Joon Paik
Undergraduate and Graduate Research Assistant; now preparing for Med/Grad School
Jade Wu
North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics Mentorship Program; now at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill