Books and book chapters

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(Volume 43 in the Springer Handbook of Auditory Research series, edited by AN Popper and RR Fay.)
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Journal articles (submitted / in preparation)

Lee JC, Overath T (in revision) The neural processing of phonemes is shaped by acoustic and linguistic analyses.

Maggu AR, Yu Y, Overath T (in prep) Auditory Processing Disorder has no significant effect on the Auditory Brainstem Response: a meta-analysis.

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Lee JC, Falconi AJ, Overath T (in preparation) Neural entrainment to the speech envelope as a function of temporal speech structure and linguistic processing.

Journal articles (published)

Kim SG, Overath T (joint first authors), Sedley W, Kumar S, Teki S, Kikuchi Y, Patterson RD, Griffiths TD (2022) MEG correlates of temporal regularity relevant to pitch perception in human auditory cortex. NeuroImage, 249:118879.

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Overath T, McDermott JH (joint first authors), Zarate JM, Poeppel D (2015) The cortical analysis of speech-specific temporal structure revealed by responses to sound quilts. Nat Neurosci, 18(6): 903-911.
(supplementary information, speech quilt examples)
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Overath T, Zhang Y, Sanes DH, Poeppel D (2012) Sensitivity to temporal modulation rate and spectral bandwidth in the human auditory system: fMRI evidence. J Neurophysiol, 107(8): 2042-2056.
(see also the companion paper by Wang, et al. (2012) Sensitivity to temporal modulation rate and spectral bandwidth in the human auditory system: MEG evidence. J Neurophysiol, 107(8): 2033-2041.)

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(supplementary information, example stimulus)

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(supplementary information, example stimuli)

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(supplementary figures)

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(supplementary information, example stimuli)