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Year Project Description
2007 Beer Launching Fridge A mini-fridge modified to remotely launch beers to you.
Mentos Booby Trap A new twist on the classic mentos and diet coke trick.
2006 Automatic Paintball Gun Paintball gun modified for automatic operation and triggered by "touch".
Accurate Dispenser Syringe which is automated to pump out exactly 5ml per hour.
Game show Buzzer System Jeopardy style buzzer system built for Cable 13, the student run TV studio at Duke.
2005 Spinning LED Display A multicolor, rotating LED display which can paint a picture due to persistence of vision.
Wearable Scoreboard Simple LED display counter which can be worn at sporting events.
Johnny5 Rice Robot Robot constructed for the ASME regional design contest.
BATS A poster presentation made at the end of my internship at Brookhaven Lab.
Bowling Ball Chronograph Device which measures the speed of a bowling ball.
Tennis Ball Launcher Pneumatic cannon which can shoot a tennis ball at 500 mph.
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